Written by Sian Hall
July 14th, 2017

We want to offer our heartiest congratulations to Benn Robinson on his 2:1 LLP from Nottingham Trent University. Benn completed his degree on a part time basis whilst working hellishly hard in the firm’s Crown Court Department.


Most people are rewarded for great exam grades with champagne, flowers, and a party; in Benn’s case his reward is a further two years study alongside all the demands of a training contract.


For the first time we have decided to have one of the up and coming members of the firm undertake a training contract at the same time as completing a distance learning LPC. Inevitably, the process will be demanding. Benn will have to learn about two entirely new areas of law at the same time as passing both skills and academic exams on a regular basis. It is true that the process wouldn’t suit everybody, but in Benn Robinson we believe we have the man for the job!

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Categories: Criminal Law

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