Written by Sian Hall
November 30th, 2017

As one of the main operators of The Johnson Partnership Twitter account it is always fascinating to see which product gets the most attention.

As far as Tweets relating to external matters are concerned the number of likes and re-Tweets varies according to the currency of the matter and to the level of interest and concern it generates

As far as Tweets that relate to internal matters are concerned, nothing, but nothing has proved more popular than Tweets relating to exam success enjoyed by members of staff from the most junior right through to supervisor level.

Any new degree results, GDL results, LPC results, Professional Skills Course passes and the like are all likely to be met with a flurry of likes, re-Tweets and congratulations.

In a world where dog eats dog and people are encouraged to crawl over one another to get to the top, it is lovely to see that we have a friendly supportive staff who can genuinely share in one another’s personal success.

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