Written by Sian Hall
February 20th, 2018

Over the years the firm has tried all sorts of different forms of advertising: radio adverts with jingles and catchphrases, Facebook posts aplenty, banner adverts on the TV listing page of Bank Holiday papers, Twitter posts, scoreboard flashes, pitch side hoardings, informative business cards, even a show jumping fence in a one day event, but at the end of it all nothing works better than good old-fashioned word of mouth.

After Yellow Pages have consumed tens of thousands of our finest pounds, Google and Words continue to empty our coppers month by month, and endless doctors’ waiting rooms have been papered with our brochures, there is still no substitute for a satisfied client telling all and sundry about the great service they have received.

Perhaps the absolute ideal is a fixed hoarding, associated with a particular club or group, among whose members there are enthusiastic supporters of the firm. The signboard offers a regular talking point and there are plenty of unpaid voices there to speak to it.

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