Written by Sian Hall
March 20th, 2018

Two or three times a year the Crown Courts on each circuit close for a judicial training day. Judges from that circuit will gather together in order to be updated on everything from new developments in the law to changes in sentencing practice.

In reality, this means that almost no work is dealt with in the Crown Court on the days in question. Huge numbers of counsel, solicitors, and clerks find themselves with unexpected time on their hands.

Unfortunately, for the CPS, expert witnesses, police officers, and prison staff this bonus time tends to result in a deluge of phone calls and emails. Solicitors and clerks have the chance to chase up old enquiries that have not been answered, make new requests, book visits for weeks in advance, and raise issues on fully or partially written reports.

In short, many involved in the Crown Court process have come to regard training days as something they have to gear up for with a sense of dread, rather than, as was once the case, regarding them as a day for rest and reflection with feet on the desk.

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Categories: Criminal Law

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