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September 6th, 2018

As more and more HCAs plough their trade in the Crown Court it is apparent that the scope for feedback is relatively limited.

Historically, judges have been able to pass comment, both favourable or otherwise, on the performance and progress of advocates in the hope that those comments will prove useful to the advocate and in time to the court.

The means of transmission of information has either been through the Clerk to Chambers or, perhaps through the Head of Chambers.  Many judges have either come from the Chambers in question or had close links with members of Chambers during their careers at the Bar.

Unfortunately, no clear channel exists for the sort of feedback, that can be oh so helpful, to reach the ears of HCAs.  The only circumstances in which judges make contact with HCAs seem to be where there has been a problem and they are asking for a written explanation as to how it has occurred.

The establishment of some sort of forum, in each area, be it formal or informal, to facilitate the feeding back of worthwhile comments is something from which many HCAs might benefit.

The appointment of more HCA judges may mean that this process is put in place sooner rather than later.  There are of course a great many judges, who have had successful careers at the Bar, who would be only too willing to involve themselves in such a process, were it to be readily available.

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