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September 11th, 2018

Over the last three years the increase in fraud based on banking transactions has soared.  It is always hard to know whether this is a result of better investigation or a genuine increase in the number of offences being committed.

As well as the usual run of clients accused of identity thefts and fraudulent banking business, there has been a definite increase in the number of banking employees suspected of and charged with offences committed in the course of their employment.

Many police forces have expanded their own fraud investigation teams, but it seems that it is the banks themselves who are responsible for providing material for the basis of prosecutions to the police and to the CPS.

A number of banks seem to have taken the view that successful prosecutions of fraudulent staff heightens rather than reduces confidence of current or potential customers.  It is also thought to be a good way of discouraging those who might be tempted to take a similar route.

Still, proving offences of this kind remains as difficult as ever.  Every organisation thinks that it has a wonderful and secure system of trading, but few seem to. Not only have we been successful in securing acquittals in cases where the Crown believe that their evidence was water tight, we have also been able to dissuade the Crown from making positive charging decisions against suspects where the evidence is neither cogent nor probative in spite of banks and financial institutions attempting to exert significant pressure on the Crown.

If you find yourself under suspicion of investigation it is worth getting us involved at an early stage before a prosecution starts to gain momentum.  Ring our Fraud Department on (0115) 958 9978 and ask to speak to Nicola, Aaron, Jenny, Leyona, or Jo.

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