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October 7th, 2018

In Britain we pride ourselves on the honesty, decency and upstanding character of our judiciary. We like to think that the vast bulk of our judiciary are immune from the bribery and corruption that penetrate the judicial system that many Countries in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

It is perhaps then ironic that the Ministry of Justice imposes a “don’t tell at all costs “ rule on new Judges to be.

Successful candidates for the post of Circuit Judge, Recorded, District Judge, Deputy District Judge etc are all warned that they should not disclose that there are soon to be announced as the beholder of particular position, for fear that that position will be withdrawn from them if news gets out ahead of time.

This, inevitably leads to all sorts of dissembling, double speak and sometimes outright lying. Indeed, at no other point in the career of a full or part time member of the judiciary are likely to have to go such lengths to hide the simply plain truth of their situation.

It seems that the only way of bringing this entirely unsatisfactory state of affairs to an end it so considerably shorten the period of time between advising a candidate of their success and the publication of their triumph to the wider world.

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