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May 20th, 2019

The last time that The Johnson Partnership were joined by a fully-fledged, time-served, paid up member of the English Bar was back in 2002 when we were both honoured and amazed to be approached by Jimmy Beck of Counsel. Jimmy had enjoyed tenancy with chambers at South Square, Pump Court, Tudor Street, and finally with Mark King at Carmelite.

There can be no doubt that Jimmy’s recruitment has been a huge benefit to the firm during the past 17 years. He has been a constant source of both legal and tactical expertise, a recent example of which was a successful appeal against conviction before the Court of Appeal in a matter where Jimmy had not been Counsel instructed before the Crown Court.

In 2019 we are very flattered indeed to have been joined by Jasmine Kumar, who comes to the firm from King Charles House Chambers.

Jasmine’s sophisticated style, thorough preparation and persuasive presentation are an object lesson to us all.

As both a Trial and Plea advocate it will be great to have first call on Jasmine’s expertise. We hope that she will find a happy home with The Johnson Partnership and we look forward to a long, friendly and fruitful association with someone that we hold in the highest esteem.

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