Flexible custody court

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July 24th, 2020

In an attempt to break the log jam of cases clogging up the Magistrates court the MOJ has decided that Nottingham Magistrates Court is to handle custody cases that would normally be heard in not only Nottingham Magistrates Court, Lincoln Magistrates Court, Derby Magistrates Court, Chesterfield Magistrates Court and Mansfield Mags court.

This will free up the other courts to deal with their own back log of defendants due to attend on bail.

The Johnson Partnership clients are going to be in an uniquely strong position as the firm have offices in all of the court centres from which clients are due to appear. This means that they can be looked after by the solicitors that know them best and by people who have a real understanding of the geography and special circumstances of each individual area. We have already been able to hunt out alibi witnesses, bail addresses, and potential sureties at short notice just because we have had an office in the appropriate town.

No one is going to better placed to look after east midlands clients wherever they are from than the Magistrates team at the Johnson Partnership!

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