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July 1st, 2020

Can you believe it!? 30 years ago today a rag tag bunch of vagabonds and their hangers on left Truman and Appleby to start out on their own special journey. Of the 10 people who walked through the door on the first morning four remain, even though one is currently on sabbatical. Bill, Chris and Digby remain as partners but they have been joined by the fourth first day member Emma Eardley who on the 1st July 1990 was our office junior.

Friends have come and gone over the years and we are grateful to them one and all. So many people have helped to make the Johnson Partnership the firm it is today!

Over the years we have fought shy of parties and celebrations always coming up with a reason not to do it. We solemnly promise that when COVID-19 is a thing of the past we will have the biggest party this firm has ever seen and everyone who has ever darkened our door will be welcome.

Here is to the next 30!

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