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Flexible custody court

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July 24th, 2020

In an attempt to break the log jam of cases clogging up the Magistrates court the MOJ has decided that Nottingham Magistrates Court is to handle custody cases that would normally be heard in not only Nottingham Magistrates Court, Lincoln Magistrates Court, Derby Magistrates Court, Chesterfield Magistrates Court and Mansfield Mags court.

This will free up the other courts to deal with their own back log of defendants due to attend on bail.

The Johnson Partnership clients are going to be in an uniquely strong position as the firm have offices in all of the court centres from which clients are due to appear. This means that they can be looked after by the solicitors that know them best and by people who have a real understanding of the geography and special circumstances of each individual area. We have already been able to hunt out alibi witnesses, bail addresses, and potential sureties at short notice just because we have had an office in the appropriate town.

No one is going to better placed to look after east midlands clients wherever they are from than the Magistrates team at the Johnson Partnership!

Kitchen table interviews

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July 22nd, 2020

Throughout lockdown many interviews carried out at both Derby and Chesterfield custody suites have taken place remotely.

Whether it is a week day morning or the middle of a week day night officers have been keen to limit footfall by arranging for solicitors to attend police interviews over Skype, and sometimes over the telephone.

These interviews are obviously far from ideal but they are a way of ensuring that detainees still receive proper professional advice and sometimes they avoid the inevitable delay that can follow when a solicitor has to travel to the police station when the police have been late in notifying them of the interview time.

There was a period of time when Chesterfield police station was not allowing any defence representatives to attend for interview at all. St Marys Wharf police station in Derby has allowed for some attendance although for a while it was discouraged.

By having at least five people on call at any one time we have been able to deal with virtual interviews as and whenever they have been called for. Defence representatives from the Johnson Partnership have taken time to get to know clients and put them at their ease before sharing with them the information that has been obtained from the police and then advising them about how to deal with the forthcoming interviews.

Whenever possible we have continued to attend for interviews because we firmly believe that face to face contact with any detainee is the best way of guaranteeing a strong meaningful and beneficial working relationship!

From ghoulish beginnings to all round greatness!

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July 15th, 2020

The 31st of October 2016 saw us tricked into offering Sian Hall the treat of becoming Chris Saunders assistant. Having been to hell and back Sian Hall steps out on the 15th July as a newly qualified fully fledged solicitor in her own right.

Having previously supervised at Bar Wax Sian found nothing to scare her in the Johnson Partnership chamber of horrors, romping through her LPC, police station accreditation, and training contract. Barely a moment seems to have passed since Sian joined us, but the calendar says she has already been with us for nearly four years.

Every moment has been a pleasure and we look forward to enjoying her inevitable success in the months and years to come.

Congratulations to Sian Hall, solicitor!

During lockdown the Derbyshire criminal courts have run in a greatly reduced and somewhat experimental way. A lot of custody cases have been heard at Derby although prisoners have appeared via video links from Ripley police station and Chesterfield police station.

As the lockdown has eased so more work is being handled by Chesterfield magistrates court although at the moment the cases at Chesterfield are mainly for people on bail.

At the Johnson Partnership we have substantial teams of solicitors and clerks based both at our Chesterfield and Derby offices. Wherever a case is to be heard you can rest assured there will be somebody available who can take the time to get to know you and your circumstances. The person representing you will know and be known to the Magistrates before whom you are appearing. Whether it is an occasional bank holiday or Saturday court or a hearing at a newly opened weekday court centre.


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July 10th, 2020

The Johnson Partnership are delighted to welcome Bianca Brasoveanu as a newly qualified solicitor. Having studied not only for a degree but also a Master’s and the LPC in a foreign language, Bianca has now completed a challenging training contract and swept aside the obstacles of the Professional Skills Course.

Having grown up in Italy and being born in Romania, Bianca brings a world of experience and a live cultural diversity to The Johnson Partnership. As well as speaking a number of languages fluently, Bianca has a superb understanding of legal concepts and a desire to become an advocate in both the Magistrates’ and Crown Courts.   Throughout her training contract, wherever possible Bianca has been keen to make bail applications before the Crown Court as well as helping draft written representations and skeleton arguments. She is truly an asset to the firm, and we welcome her with open arms.

Named after a beautiful island and a famous Scottish publishing family, Iona Thomson steps into the limelight on her own account.

Having worked with the firm as a Crown Court clerk, a police station advisor and a Prison Law representative, Iona has raced her way to qualification.

During her years with the firm, Iona has acted as litigator in some of the most complex gang-related conspiracy trials, spent hours advocating before various district judges and the Parole Board on behalf of Her Majesty’s detainees, and stepped in at short notice to be the sole member of an ailing firm’s own Crown Court Department who had some substantial cases to salvage.

A dog-loving, ex-Christmas elf, Iona made it out of the grotto and into the grateful arms of The Johnson Partnership.

Newly qualified Iona will divide her time between the Magistrates’ Court and Prison Law team as well as continuing to assist on high value Crown Court cases and taking her turn in the police station on the out of hours rota. A true allrounder, Iona’s flexibility is only matched by her flamboyant friendliness. We couldn’t do better!


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July 6th, 2020

It was with relish and delight that Lucy Hooper accepted the applause of the audience at her graduation dinner.

Having regaled her audience with tales that went back to her earliest schoolgirl visits to the office, Lucy was able to spread mirth and mayhem with her recollections of the madness of the Chesterfield office.

If Lucy’s recollections went back some way, they were nothing compared to those of John Wilford, who in his introduction of Lucy, was able to make reference to her arrival in the maternity suite.

There you go, at The Johnson Partnership it’s a cradle to grave experience.


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July 3rd, 2020

Anyone who feared that Broughie’s career might be taking a back seat after an exhausting maternity leave, was put well and truly in their place when Helen entertained the assembled company for almost half an hour at her entertainment party.

Drawing on stories and memories that went back almost twenty years, Helen showed just how much she is part of the past as well as the present and future of The Johnson Partnership.

It was lovely to be reminded of people who haven’t darkened our door for many a year and great to see Helen on truly sparkling form.

Not just a solicitor but a duty solicitor, Helen has recently returned to our expert White Collar Team having gained very necessary and very worthwhile Magistrates’ Court experience with our friends of The Johnson Partnership Solicitors Mansfield office.


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July 1st, 2020

Can you believe it!? 30 years ago today a rag tag bunch of vagabonds and their hangers on left Truman and Appleby to start out on their own special journey. Of the 10 people who walked through the door on the first morning four remain, even though one is currently on sabbatical. Bill, Chris and Digby remain as partners but they have been joined by the fourth first day member Emma Eardley who on the 1st July 1990 was our office junior.

Friends have come and gone over the years and we are grateful to them one and all. So many people have helped to make the Johnson Partnership the firm it is today!

Over the years we have fought shy of parties and celebrations always coming up with a reason not to do it. We solemnly promise that when COVID-19 is a thing of the past we will have the biggest party this firm has ever seen and everyone who has ever darkened our door will be welcome.

Here is to the next 30!


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July 1st, 2020

As Benn Robinson stepped up to make his qualification speech, neither he nor the Partner welcoming him were short of material. It was really a question of what could and maybe should be left out, rather than whether there was enough to say.

With tales of his early days with the firm, a car without a reverse gear, and long nights in the Call Centre, Benn was able to keep everybody entertained whilst bearing the odd blush or two.

If this is the level of advocacy the Crown Court can expect from Benn, they will have to get used to providing for a packed public gallery.

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