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Written by Editor
November 21st, 2015

So far this year the success of The Johnson Partnerships, Criminal Defence Solicitors, in the Court of Appeal has been quite outstanding.

As well as three successful substantial reductions in sentence we are also able to report the quashing of convictions in two separate cases.

Three of these hearings were undertaken by in-house HCA’s or Counsel, demonstrating the strength in-depth of our appellate practice.

Whilst it is always great to come away from the Royal Courts of Justice with the scent of victory in your nostrils, it goes without saying we would always rather get the best result sooner rather than later.


Written by Editor
October 7th, 2015

Claire Greenhalgh, who originally started with The Johnson Partnership, as a Call Centre advisor back in 2007 is now to become a semi-detached Prison Law consultant. Having started working in the firm’s CDS Direct Call Centre, Claire went on to become a permanent member of the firm’s Prison Law team, securing a training contract and then staying on after the qualification as a Prison Law expert and duty solicitor.

Claire now wants to divide her time between Prison Law and her growing foster care commitments. Providing a loving supportive environment for children and young people who are at a precarious point in their lives calls for the involvement of a very special person. Those of us who have known and worked with Claire over the past eight years have no doubt that she is just that sort of person.

Claire will be maintaining her duty solicitor engagement with The Johnson Partnership, but will now be able to work both for ourselves and other firms as a Prison Law consultant, as and when her other commitments allow.

We wish Claire all the best and look forward to a long and happy continued association with a well-respected and much loved colleague.

In the meantime, it goes without saying that the firm’s Prison Law Department goes from strength to strength with a potential two new recruits joining the team during the next month or so. Jess, Devon, Euan, Alastair, and Rob remain at your service as ever.


Written by Editor
October 1st, 2015

In a week when Elizabeth II becomes the longest serving constitutional monarch and when Jesse Norman relies on parliamentary privilege to cast dispersions on Paula Radcliffe, my thoughts return to a lecture hall without a microphone let alone an interactive whiteboard.

I still remember the horror of being told that I was going to study Constitutional Law but that there was no constitution. I could not work out how the constitutional monarch ever learned what she was supposed to do, and if she didn’t know, how was I supposed to?!

Having come to terms with the fact that there was no constitution but there was a monarch, I then moved on to the role of Parliament within a constitutional democracy.

I still remember being told about the importance of parliamentary privilege and how it was important that matters could be vented in the chamber without fear of legal regress. I still remember the establishment of the standing committee system, to which the doctrine of parliamentary privilege was rapidly extended.

How surprising then on the same day to discover that parliamentary privilege and constitutional monarchy are all that is being discussed, even in the tabloid press.

Sadly, rather than developing any abstruse academic themes I find myself reflecting on two things only:-

  1. How much of a start would Jesse Norman need to avoid Paula Radcliffe catching him in under five minutes?
  2. What happened to the Bank Holidays we used to get every time there was a royal event?

Oh the delights of a legal education.

During recent months, The Johnson Partnership’s Fraud and White Collar Crime Department has been looking after clients nationwide.

As well as our local crown courts in Nottingham, Sheffield, Leicester, Derby, Lincoln and Birmingham, you might expect to find The Johnson Partnership solicitors in regular attendance at Southwark Crown Court or one of the other Greater London Fraud Centres.

At the moment, we find ourselves defending Revenue & Customs prosecutions in Preston, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Ipswich, Sheffield, Manchester and Hull.

With the growth in prosecutions by non-police and non-Revenue & Customs agencies, we have found an increased call on our White Collar Department’s specialist assistance.

Joint teams dealing with the white collar crime in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire often share staff and expertise to ensure the best service for clients, wherever they are required to appear.

We have noticed an increase in the number of clients being visited at their homes or places of work to be interviewed on a “voluntary basis” which again has necessitated staff being available in some of the most unlikely places.  Staff have recently attended lengthy interviews at the offices of their local quarrying and mining operator which are thirty miles or so from the nearest police station.

Rest-assured that wherever you are interviewed, bailed or summonsed, The Johnson Partnership can have the right person on hand to give experienced and discreet advice.


Written by Editor
April 15th, 2014

The Johnson Partnership Criminal Defence Solicitors are pleased to announce that we have recently acquired the Practice of GV Hale & Company, who until November 2013 were owned by a company by the name of Northern Briefs.

We intend to provide a comprehensive 24 hour advice and assistance service for clients detained in police stations as well as experienced, thorough and discreet representation for those appearing before Magistrates’ Courts near and far. 

The Johnson Partnership’s Prison Law team will be able to reach out from the Doncaster office with particular ease to clients detained at Doncaster, Hull, The Wolds, Everthorpe, Lindholme, Moorlands, Leeds, New Hall, Askham Grange and Wetherby. 

With a new South Yorkshire office The Johnson Partnership’s Fraud team will be able to service Doncaster and Yorkshire based clients experiencing difficulties with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, as well as all manner of other statutory investigatory bodies, on their own doorstep. 

A close network of experienced counsel and a team of in-house advocates are already providing day-to-day representation before Crown Courts in Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, York, Hull and Grimsby. 

Visit our offices at 70 Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BU for help and assistance.  We are happy to offer same day appointments or home visits for those who have mobility, health or child difficulties.


Written by Editor
May 21st, 2012

The Johnson Partnership have recently represented a number of clients brought before the National Health Council’s Disciplinary Tribunal.  John Wilford from The Johnson Partnership’s Chesterfield office has developed some expertise in the representation of Health Service workers who fall within the jurisdiction of the National Health Council’s Disciplinary Tribunal.

Sitting at premises in Kennington in London, the Tribunal regularly adjudicates on the professional conduct of people other than doctors, dentists, pharmacists, etc who are, nevertheless, working within the National Health Service in regulated jobs.

If you have to appear before the Tribunal or have to be interviewed in relation to a matter that could become before the Tribunal, please contact The Johnson Partnership either at their Nottingham office on (0115) 941 9141 or The Johnson Partnership Chesterfield office on (01246) 520930.

The Prison Law section of The Johnson Partnership is based in Nottingham but provides assistance to clients nationwide.  Families and friends of clients can be seen at our Derby, Chesterfield and Mansfield offices as well as the Nottingham home base.

As of 1st March 2012 the Department has a new Prison Law solicitor available to help clients, wherever they may be!

Euan Edwards first joined the Firm in 2005, since when he has gained substantial experience in The Johnson Partnership’s Crown Court Department as well as assisting on the out-of-hours police station rota.

Euan’s interest in Prison Law has seen him assume a substantial caseload of Parole, Adjudications, Re-categorisation, advice and assistance and judicial review work.

He augments an already strong team of specialist Prison Law advisors who have received national recognition for their pioneering work.

Cutting Parole Board Red-Tape

Written by Editor
February 28th, 2011

Jessica Rogers, who joined The Johnson Partnership in March 2010, has had the unprecedented accolade of having an article published in “Inside Time”, the national newspaper for prisoners.  Jessica has been successful in short circuiting the customary process for moving IPP prisoners to open prison conditions.  By making representations directly to the Ministry of Justice, rather than pursuing the usual cumbersome Parole Board process, she has met with speedy and spectacular success.

By researching and capitalising on decisions in previous appeal cases, Jess Rogers persuaded the Ministry of Justice that, in certain circumstances, it was not necessary for prisoners to wait for a lengthy evaluation of their position before they could be moved to Category D conditions.

In short, the Ministry were authorising a move where:

1.   The prisoners dossier shows that they have made significant progress in addressing all identified risk factors.

2.   There is a consensus amongst report writers that the prisoner is suitable and safe to be transferred.

3.   There are no areas of concern identified by report writers that would benefit from exploration by an oral hearing of the Parole Board.

4.   The prisoner can demonstrate that there are core benefits to be transferred to open conditions straightaway.

By actively pursuing the Ministry of Justice route, Jess has been able to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.  The expensive, lengthy, frustrating bureaucratic Parole Board process could become a thing of the past for model prisoners with positive future plans.

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