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September 18th, 2019

We are delighted to announce that Vicki Clayton, the Partner who has founded and inspired the firm’s Lincoln office, is now to be available to clients on a full time basis.

In recent years Vicki has worked four days a week, devoting the extra day to her young family.  We are delighted that Vicki will now be able to provide a full time continuous service for all of her clients, albeit she will always have the support of colleagues who have filled in for her over the months.

The firm’s canal side Lincoln office goes from strength to strength.  The firm is a constant presence in the Lincoln Magistrates’ Court and increasingly be called on to assist with cases with hearings over before the Boston magistrates.


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September 3rd, 2019

Figures published by CLSA and The Law Society indicate a 29% drop in the number of duty solicitors since 2016.  This has caused us to review our own position and the position of duty solicitors in the areas that we serve.

As far as duty solicitors in Nottingham are concerned, there was a time when 104 names appeared on the duty solicitor rota.  In October there will be no more than 71.  Plainly, this fall is higher than the national average.

As far as duty solicitors in Derby are concerned, at the high tide there were 74 names on the rota, but as of October 2019 it will be down to 51.   A dramatic fall for a rota that has to provide duty solicitors for Derby, Ilkeston, Ripley, Alfreton and beyond.

In Sheffield, it is harder to compare numbers of duty solicitors as the closure of the Rotherham court has confused matters to some extent.  The simple reality however is that for a city of well over half a million people there are only 46 duty solicitors on the rota.  With three duty solicitors required to attend court Monday to Friday, this is a real problem area.

In Barnsley, the number of duty solicitors has fallen from 25 to 16.  Doncaster duty solicitors are down from 38 to 23.  In Grimsby there are now 19 duty solicitors to cover an area that used to have both a Scunthorpe and a Grimsby rota handling the work.

The Lincoln duty solicitor rota at current shows 19 names, but this substantial university town is likely to be by no more than 17.

There can be no doubt that the failure to increase rates for remuneration and the growing distance involved in travelling to service “local” clients are factors that are contributed to the disappearance of enthusiastic young solicitors and the early retirement of those who have been doing it for many years.  If ever there was a time for the government to address the factors that have seen this service cut to the bone, it must surely be now.


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October 1st, 2018

In a number of recent cases members of the Firm have been asked to assist Police by providing information about clients who are now deceased.

Enquiries often stem from the fact that there has been long running bad blood between the deceased and another individual, members of a particular family, or members of an opposing gang.

The previous history of conflict and dispute is often something that has given rise to previous sets of criminal proceedings. Those with whom the deceased has been in conflict may have been witnesses, complainants or indeed simply attended Court to express a view or to cause trouble for a client.

Inevitably, clients are more likely to have commented to their Solicitor about such groups or individuals and may well have divulged all sorts of information about threats, harassment, even the use of violence.

Inevitably, Police Officers are keen to put together information which may go to motive or to bad character if adversary are now charged with offences arising from the death of an individual or perhaps ongoing problems involving friends or family of a deceased.

Bad character and motive are obviously very relevant issues for the Investigating or Prosecuting Team to pursue. Nevertheless, it is always worth remembering that the discussions between a deceased client and their Lawyer remain subject to privilege. That is not a privilege that can be waived by Executors or Beneficiaries or an Estate. It is not a privilege that can be waived by a Lawyer who might now be desperate to anything to assist an old client, to whom they feel a strong emotional attachment.

It has to be said, where a Solicitor does or does not disclose information they can still find themselves on the wrong side of a lot of abuse. Where a Solicitor may feel they have a duty or a waiver, where the breach of privilege is concerned, they are likely to find themselves victims of hostile treatment from anyone against whom that statement is used or the friends of that person. Where a Solicitor refuses to disclose information that may be thought to be of use to the Prosecution, a deceased’s family may themselves turn hostile believing that the Solicitor is in some way betraying their dead friend or relative. As ever, there are many who might feel that as a hard working trusted Solicitor, you are not in a very privilege position.


Written by Sian Hall
February 20th, 2018

Over the years the firm has tried all sorts of different forms of advertising: radio adverts with jingles and catchphrases, Facebook posts aplenty, banner adverts on the TV listing page of Bank Holiday papers, Twitter posts, scoreboard flashes, pitch side hoardings, informative business cards, even a show jumping fence in a one day event, but at the end of it all nothing works better than good old-fashioned word of mouth.

After Yellow Pages have consumed tens of thousands of our finest pounds, Google and Words continue to empty our coppers month by month, and endless doctors’ waiting rooms have been papered with our brochures, there is still no substitute for a satisfied client telling all and sundry about the great service they have received.

Perhaps the absolute ideal is a fixed hoarding, associated with a particular club or group, among whose members there are enthusiastic supporters of the firm. The signboard offers a regular talking point and there are plenty of unpaid voices there to speak to it.

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