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Written by Sian Hall
December 4th, 2017

In recent weeks Doncaster police seem to have largely given up on the old practice of interviewing detainees in the custody suites. A quick note in a policeman’s notebook or an interview on camera in the back of a police car seem to be sufficing.

Rather than arresting people, the police are warning them to attend the police station for the sort of informal chat that might see them on their way to the Crown Court before they know it.

This sort of informal interviewing, coupled with an apparently casual approach to questioning, that can have dire consequences, is something to look out for.

If you find that there is an officer wanting to ask you questions please remember that somebody from The Johnson Partnership is constantly available. Whether the police are proposing to interview you at your home, at a neighbourhood police station, or in the back of a police car, you are still entitled to have somebody present and we would recommend that you do.

Please contact our Doncaster office as a matter of urgency if you find yourself in this position on (01302) 360606.


Written by Sian Hall
December 1st, 2017

It has become noticeable over the last four weeks that the police in Doncaster have greatly reduced the number of people being charged to court from their main custody suites.

The inevitable consequence of this is that the overnight remand courts have been much quieter, as indeed have the courts dealing with people appearing on charge rather than by way of summons or postal requisition.

Many think that the poor throughput of cases doesn’t reflect the experience of many Doncaster residents, who are firmly of the opinion that crime has been on the rise in recent months. This breakdown between the common experience of Doncaster people and the local police practice is obviously causing some concern.

We want to emphasise that anybody receiving a summons or postal requisition is just as likely to be as entitled to legal aid assistance as they ever were. Anyone receiving a letter through the post calling them to attend at the Magistrates’ Court should not hesitate to give us a call to benefit from our usual office of free initial advice and a meaningful consultation to point the recipient in the right direction.

Do not hesitate to call our Doncaster office at any time on (01302) 360606 for a friendly, helpful service.


Written by Will Bolam
January 6th, 2017

Since his arrival with The Johnson Partnership in early October, Fintan Walker has barely stopped. It was apparent to those of us who interviewed Finton that he was somebody with enthusiasm and bags of energy. He had worked for a number of firms, gaining substantial experience in the Criminal Defence Field and was looking for a new challenge.

As part of our South Yorkshire Team it was decided that Fintan would initially be placed in Doncaster, with a view to helping out the Sheffield office as the practice developed.

What wasn’t envisaged was that Fintan would find himself in Court pretty much every morning and afternoon, as well as being on two out-of-hours rotas.

If this wasn’t a big enough challenge, Fintan found that he was having to step up to the plate even faster than expected when Doncaster’s supervising partner: Andy Bostock, found himself having to take a month’s paternity leave a little earlier than anticipated.

Fintan has proved a great hit with colleagues, support staff and clients alike. His super attitude and winning personality have made him a big hit in the firm.

At The Johnson Partnership we always try to make sure that new staff get as much relevant experience as possible. As Finton is due to become a father himself in the middle of January, Andy has been able to give him a masterclass in new parenthood alongside getting to know a new batch of clients and some different office systems.

Throughout the 1990’s and the early noughties our best advertising was always with Yellow Pages.  Our Nottingham office was marketed with as many as three adverts in one directory, all extolling various benefits of choosing The Johnson Partnership.  The adverts promised everything from solicitors carrying out home visits to guaranteed appointments with women solicitors as well as same day appointments, and all sorts of offers of appointments with solicitors who spoke Urdu, Punjabi, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Dutch, etc, etc, etc.

Whenever we’ve opened a new office, it was generally on a tide of new Yellow Pages investment.  The Johnson Partnership Derby office opened with a full page advert proclaiming the benefits of a new Defence solicitors in town, promising help for everybody from motorists to murderers.

When our Mansfield office opened, we advertised not only in the Mansfield Yellow Pages but in the Yellow Pages for surrounding areas, confirming that we were indeed solicitors for Worksop, solicitors for Newark, and solicitors for Retford.  We could be visited at our Mansfield office and we would reach out from that office to all and sundry.

Inevitably, the new Chesterfield office was met with a fanfare of Yellow Pages advertising.  The presence of the new Chesterfield office was heralded in the Yellow Pages pushed through letterboxes not only in Chesterfield, but in Dronfield, Buxton, and even Sheffield.

Each September brought new excitement as we discovered exactly where our adverts were, how much bigger they were than our competitors, and how well they stood out.

It is incredible to think that in 2015 our Yellow Pages expenditure and indeed our Yellow Pages exposure will have been reduced to almost nothing.

Rather than employing teams of energetic healthy students to deliver books that Geoff Capes could not tear in half, the 2014 Yellow Pages barely makes a sound when it hits the mat.  Instead of its former majesty, the publication is A5 size and boasts a significant array of insurance adverts.

There is no doubting that as far as The Johnson Partnership is concerned, our advertising has gone in other directions.

Of course, we have fought hard to build up our internet presence.  Rather than buying sponsored adverts on Google’s front page, we have tried to ensure that we have a proper presence, based on our own website as close to the top of the Google index as we can make it.  We have been grateful to our friends at National Solicitors for the assistance that they have given in helping us promote our brand and we are still delighted to say that a good tranche of work comes to us through people enquiring of

People arrested and asking for The Johnson Partnership can now rest-assured that they will be receiving an even prompter service whatever the time of day or night.  The Johnson Partnership’s new Night Owl rota, covering the Nottingham, Derby, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Doncaster, Scunthorpe and Barnsley solicitors’ offices will ensure that double the number of people are on call throughout night times, weekends and Bank Holidays to advise clients in person wherever they are arrested.

In addition, clients required to answer police bail at anti-social times can rely on a police station advisor from The Johnson Partnership to be available come what may.

The Night Owl rota will be staffed by police station advisors, new solicitors and time-served duty solicitors alike.  However major or minor the matter you must feel free to ask for The Johnson Partnership.  Clients will be able to say to the police with confidence that Johnsons will be there in a jiffy!


Written by Editor
October 1st, 2015

In a week when Elizabeth II becomes the longest serving constitutional monarch and when Jesse Norman relies on parliamentary privilege to cast dispersions on Paula Radcliffe, my thoughts return to a lecture hall without a microphone let alone an interactive whiteboard.

I still remember the horror of being told that I was going to study Constitutional Law but that there was no constitution. I could not work out how the constitutional monarch ever learned what she was supposed to do, and if she didn’t know, how was I supposed to?!

Having come to terms with the fact that there was no constitution but there was a monarch, I then moved on to the role of Parliament within a constitutional democracy.

I still remember being told about the importance of parliamentary privilege and how it was important that matters could be vented in the chamber without fear of legal regress. I still remember the establishment of the standing committee system, to which the doctrine of parliamentary privilege was rapidly extended.

How surprising then on the same day to discover that parliamentary privilege and constitutional monarchy are all that is being discussed, even in the tabloid press.

Sadly, rather than developing any abstruse academic themes I find myself reflecting on two things only:-

  1. How much of a start would Jesse Norman need to avoid Paula Radcliffe catching him in under five minutes?
  2. What happened to the Bank Holidays we used to get every time there was a royal event?

Oh the delights of a legal education.


Written by Editor
September 21st, 2015

As a UK based drone kills two UK citizens on a Syrian highway I am forced to reflect on how far the doctrine of self-defence can be expanded.

Any criminal lawyer within The Johnson Partnership would be used to the notion of a client advancing self-defence against an allegation of assault, ABH, GBH, or worse. The step taken by the defendant would have to have been reasonable and proportionate, although not judged to a nicety. The step taken by the defendant could be a pre-emptive strike, if he or she thought that they were about to be attacked themselves. The step taken by the defendant could be a step taken in defence of another or in defence of property.

How much more widely expanded does the doctrine become when it has to deal with pilots in a room in Suffolk, killing unarmed UK citizens on foreign soil on account of something that they were believed to be planning which might take place in the UK on a future date, and which, contrary to the intelligence received, had not involved an attack on either VE or VJ Day.

It is times like this that we are happy to work in the Magistrates’ Courts at Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, and Sheffield rather than the International Court of Justice or even perhaps a war crimes tribunal!


Written by Editor
August 5th, 2015

Ayse Altinkaya, the well-respected and long-serving office manager for Youngs Solicitors in Sheffield, has been recruited by The Johnson Partnership’s Doncaster office.

To find someone with the all-round ability and knowledge of Ayse Altinkaya is a real rarity in the present recruitment market.

Ayse is a super diary manager, can bill police stations, magistrates’ court, and crown court files, is used to preparing and briefing a wide range of cases and is already well on with her own legal executive qualifications.

We hope that Ayse will settle with us and we look forward to supporting her in achieving her own aims and targets. In the foreseeable future we hope that, as well as assisting the Crown Court team, Ayse will be able to qualify as a police station representative and return in triumph to the courts and police stations of Sheffield.


Written by Editor
July 27th, 2015

On 1st July 2015 The Johnson Partnership turned 25. Digby Johnson, one of the founding Partners, celebrated a momentous day by putting himself on the firm’s out of hour’s rota and turning away four new police station jobs between midnight and 2:00am to celebrate the commencement of industrial action.

A firm who are renowned for fighting for every case, as well as every client, now finds itself in a miserable position of having to turn work away to make an obdurate and unrealistic government to realise the damage that it is doing to the Criminal Justice System.

Over the last 25 years the firm has opened successful criminal defence practices at a number of addresses in Nottingham, as well as Derby, Mansfield, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Barnsley, and Scunthorpe. We have been able to implement the very sorts of practical and technical changes that the government have promoted as the way forward in dealing with criminal cases. We have been selected as a preferred supplier by the Legal Aid Agency, as well as having solicitors qualified as VHCC panel members, Duty Solicitors, and HCA’s.

Having invested in good faith in all aspects of our practice, we have seen no increase in rates since 1997, a 17 ½% reduction in fees since March 2014 and the withdrawal of assistance with training new recruits.

At a time when a newly qualified GP is being paid between £70k and £80k, our own staff are trying to keep the wolf from the door with between £20k and £25k, which is barely enough to enable them to qualify to start to repay their student loans.

Where solicitors are concerned, the best quality service has to be built on top quality communication.

Traditionally clients have had to travel to see solicitors at their office or wait for a visit in hospital, prison or at home.

The Johnson Partnership’s Derby, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Nottingham, Doncaster , Scunthorpe and Barnsley offices are all now equipped to enable easy, open communication without expensive, wasteful and unnecessary travel.

All The Johnson Partnership staff have been trained to advise clients using the best modern technology.  As well as conference calls in which solicitors, barristers and clients can be linked over the telephone, we are now regularly employing Skype, Face-time and live TV links to enable clients to give instructions and receive advice without having to leave the “comfort” of their accommodation.

Anyone wanting to consult with staff should place an initial telephone call, in order to book a meeting utilizing the preferred means of communication.

For those of us who still prefer to chat over a cup of coffee there will of course always be an open door and a singing kettle to accompany a face-to-face chat.

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