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Written by Will Bolam
May 2nd, 2017

Well, it’s happened! The Lincoln office is finally open for business. Phone lines installed. Desks erected. Filing cabinets primed and ready for action.

It is hard to express just how exciting it is to start a new office from scratch. The last time that The Johnson Partnership opened an office that wasn’t linked to an existing practice was July 1st 1990 when we first opened as a firm.

Taking us back to those early days of counting up how many police station cases we have dealt with and court appearances we have attended by week. Horrible disappointments of case-less days and the wild excitement of having to bring in more people to cope with the sudden influx are almost too much to bear.

The unbridled enthusiasm of Vicki Clayton and her team is a joy to behold. There can be no group of legal professionals who are as desperately dedicated to providing a class client service as The Johnson Partnership Lincoln squad.

The desire to make something work both from scratch is undoubtedly one of the most powerful drivers in any service industry.

With help available from the Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Mansfield, and Nottingham offices the Lincoln team know there is a massive reservoir of help at hand as well as a big crowd waiting to cheer their success.

01522 306189 IS A MAGIC NUMBER

Written by Will Bolam
January 26th, 2017

When setting up a new office it’s easy to forget just how many building blocks have to be put in place. It’s also easy to forget how long the lead-in times are for some of those building blocks even to be fashioned.

Our Lincoln office, soon to be buzzing with defence solicitors, clerks & secretaries has until recently been somewhat quiet on the telephone front.

Many thanks to our friends at RHM Telecom, we are delighted to say that we have been able to short circuit a rather tedious BT process and we are now happy to announce our Lincoln office number is 01522 306189.

The prospect of having to wait six weeks for somebody to activate a line that’s already in existence was unattractive to say the very least. In reality, we have now been able to furnish our new number to the LAA along with our applications for Duty Solicitors for the Lincoln City Duty Solicitor Scheme.

Many thanks to RHM and best of luck to Vicki Clayton, our partner in charge!


Written by Will Bolam
January 12th, 2017

The Johnson Partnerships new Lincoln office is beautifully positioned for ease of assess.

Situated at Unit 3, Waterside South we find ourselves matters of yards from the cities busy bus station. The railway station is no more than another 90 seconds away with services running both locally and to London.

Excellent car parking is available throughout the city, some of it no more than 2 minutes from the office.

We pride ourselves in ensuring ease of access to all of our offices, but there can be none more readily accessible and readily available than the super new Lincoln premises.


Written by Will Bolam
January 9th, 2017

Our new Lincoln office can now be unveiled. After extensive research throughout the lovely Historic City, we are delighted to announce that our new office will be opening at Unit 3, Waterside South, Lincoln LN5 7DU.

Positioned within yards of the busy High Street, the office is beautifully positioned between Lincoln Magistrates’ Court on the High Street and Lincoln Crown Court and the Castle.

Staff will be well positioned to make rapid responsive journeys to Lincoln’s busy custody suite situated up at West Parade.

The office affords easy access for all members of the public as well private interviewing accommodation to ensure that instructions can be taken in a timely and discreet manner.


Written by Will Bolam
January 3rd, 2017

From early in the New Year The Johnson Partnership are to open offices in the Cathedral City of Lincoln. For years the Lincoln Crown Court has dealt with cases from every corner of the Shire. In recent times, the City Magistrates’ Court has expanded its reach in a not inconsiderable manner.

Many of us remember the days when a small magistrates’ court was situated close to the crown court inside the Castle Gateway. The court room was small, cramped and largely wooden with short staircases between the floor of the court, the dock, the witness box and the bench.

The new, all singing, all dancing High Street Magistrates’ Court is a very different kettle of fish. Dealing with work that would previously have been handled by the City Magistrates, Gainsborough Magistrates, Sleaford Magistrates, Grantham Magistrates, Stafford Magistrates and even Bourne Magistrates, the new super High Street Court Centre is many things to many people.

Clearly makes a lot more sense to open a defence practice in a city servicing the greater and wider population than it ever has at any time in its lustrous past.

We look forward to providing our customary service to clients from Lincoln and all its surrounding areas whether North, South, East or West.

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