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During to Coronavirus epidemic, our Mansfield office will be staffed by Chris Perry and Donna Pursglove with extra help from Andy Bostock. We are available to advise on a 24 hour basis and we are available to attend the police stations either personally or by video link as well as at Magistrates’ Courts both locally and nationally.

Chris, Donna and Andy are staffing the office personally and will be able to respond to enquiries with speed and alacrity except of course when they are involved in court hearings or police station interviews. Please contact us on (01623) 427575.


Written by admin
August 27th, 2019

It is with some regret that we find ourselves having to say farewell to Michael Little.  Michael Little has been one of our Mansfield Magistrates’ Court solicitors team for a number of very happy years.

Arriving with many years’ experience in the Sutton in Ashfield area, and a substantial following, Michael has always been a popular and well-liked member of the Mansfield team.

Well-renowned in the police stations of North and South Nottinghamshire and a great favourite of all Mansfield Magistrates’ Court, Michael is now to ply his trade with the Crown Prosecution Service.

Her Majesty’s gain is The Johnson Partnership’s loss, but we wish Michael well in all he does, so long as it’s not prosecuting our clients!!!


Written by Sian Hall
November 21st, 2017

As of the start of October Yvonne Wragg is mainly to be found at our burgeoning Sheffield office.


Having long served and loyal enthusiastic clientele in the Mansfield area, Yvonne is now to take on a new challenge at one of the largest urban Magistrates’ Courts in the country.


Joining up with Maz Sharif, Kevin O’Donovan, the gloriously efficient Pari Seeley and the new rejuvenated Sarah Staniland, Yvonne will be a hard-working, well-versed and enthusiastic addition to the Magistrates’ Court team.


Having spent more than ten years with The Johnson Partnership in Nottingham and Mansfield, Yvonne’s skills and personality should go a long way to ensure that any newcomers to the firm, be they clients or colleagues, rapidly feel at home.


In particular, Yvonne is looking forward to working in closer proximity to our high quality Higher Rights team. When it comes to knowledge about Sheffield people, places and courts, there can be no better teacher than the inestimable and highly regarded Andrew Swaby.


Written by Sian Hall
August 22nd, 2017


At our Annual Partners’ Meeting Donna Pursglove from our Mansfield office was nominated as a potential Partner to be voted on by the Equity Partners in August of this year.

We are delighted to announce that on 2nd August 2017 all eight Equity Partners offered up a resounding “Yes” to the question “Would you like Donna Pursglove to be a Partner in the firm?”


Hardworking, caring, well-organised, thorough, humane, and supportive Donna Pursglove is an exceptional recruit to the Partnership. A skilled lawyer and tactician, Donna knows every possible twist and turn of Magistrates’ Court life.


As well-loved in the police stations as she is at court, Donna is a special favourite of everyone involved in the North Notts Criminal Justice and Criminal Investigation systems.


Much loved by colleagues and Partners alike, we can’t wait for Donna to join us for our September Partners’ Meeting but there is some fear and trepidation about the speech that she is likely to make about us all at her first Annual Partners’ Meeting next summer.

Since the early 90’s successive governments have slashed the number of Magistrates’ Courts. Indeed, under the current administration we have even seen Doncaster’s Crown Court all but mothballed.

As courts have closed, so many solicitors have stopped providing a service for criminal clients in smaller towns and suburbs. Criminal solicitors have tended to centre around the courts that are left.

Until recently, Nottinghamshire has had three Magistrates’ Courts in Worksop, Mansfield, and Nottingham. However as of  October 2014 the Crown Prosecution Service ceased to prosecute cases at the Worksop courthouse.  This leaves only Nottingham and Mansfield courts in a county that once had additional courthouses in Bingham, Newark, Retford, and Southwell.

In an attempt to ensure that we avoid the problem of advice deserts, The Johnson Partnership Solicitors’ aim, wherever possible, is to provide a service for clients in their own areas.

The Johnson Partnership’s Mansfield office still aims to reach out to clients in Worksop, Retford and the surrounding areas to ensure that the government’s cuts do not mean that court users have to suffer.

Our commitment to seeing clients at home or at mutually convenient neutral venues means that The Johnson Partnership will still remain criminal solicitors for the people of Worksop and Retford who will now have to travel into Mansfield to attend court. Arrangements with other local firms mean that office space will be available for us to see The Johnson Partnership Worksop and The Johnson Partnership Retford clients on their own doorsteps.

By dint of having a number of members of staff resident in or close to Newark, The Johnson Partnership’s Newark clients can also guarantee that they will have somebody immediately on hand if they are to be questioned by the police at the Newark custody suite. Anyone needing to see a Johnson Partnership solicitor between the police station and court can make appropriate arrangements to be seen either at the offices of Payne & Gamage Solicitors or at their own homes.

Where The Johnson Partnership solicitors at Worksop, The Johnson Partnership Solicitors at Retford, The Johnson Partnership Solicitors at Newark, The Johnson Partnership Solicitors at Sutton in Ashfield, The Johnson Partnership Solicitors at Kirkby in Ashfield, or The Johnson Partnership Solicitors at Hucknall clients are having difficulty in attending court, they, along with clients based in smaller towns within the county, are welcome to contact the office the day before their court appearance to see whether appropriate travel arrangements can be made to help them make the extended journey to either Nottingham Crown Court, Nottingham Magistrates’ Court, or Mansfield Magistrates’ Court.

By providing an outreach service for clients living around Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands, we aim to ensure that problems of access and travel are kept to a minimum for The Johnson Partnership Solicitors Nottinghamshire clients.

People arrested and asking for The Johnson Partnership can now rest-assured that they will be receiving an even prompter service whatever the time of day or night.  The Johnson Partnership’s new Night Owl rota, covering the Nottingham, Derby, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Doncaster, Scunthorpe and Barnsley solicitors’ offices will ensure that double the number of people are on call throughout night times, weekends and Bank Holidays to advise clients in person wherever they are arrested.

In addition, clients required to answer police bail at anti-social times can rely on a police station advisor from The Johnson Partnership to be available come what may.

The Night Owl rota will be staffed by police station advisors, new solicitors and time-served duty solicitors alike.  However major or minor the matter you must feel free to ask for The Johnson Partnership.  Clients will be able to say to the police with confidence that Johnsons will be there in a jiffy!


Written by Editor
November 9th, 2015

Solicitors from The Johnson Partnership’s Nottingham, Derby, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Doncaster, Scunthorpe and Barnsley offices have developed considerable experience in dealing with firearms offences of all sorts.

Andy Bostock, one of our Partners, has recently been involved in applications before the Crown Court in relation to shotgun licences.

Increasingly, police forces are either refusing to grant or refusing to renew shotgun licences for members of the public, who would normally have had a licence granted or renewed as a matter of course.

Anyone who is experiencing problems with their local police force in relation to the possession of a shotgun certificate should not hesitate to contact Andy Bostock at The Johnson Partnership in Doncaster on (01302) 360606 or Mansfield on (01623) 427575.

Where solicitors are concerned, the best quality service has to be built on top quality communication.

Traditionally clients have had to travel to see solicitors at their office or wait for a visit in hospital, prison or at home.

The Johnson Partnership’s Derby, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Nottingham, Doncaster , Scunthorpe and Barnsley offices are all now equipped to enable easy, open communication without expensive, wasteful and unnecessary travel.

All The Johnson Partnership staff have been trained to advise clients using the best modern technology.  As well as conference calls in which solicitors, barristers and clients can be linked over the telephone, we are now regularly employing Skype, Face-time and live TV links to enable clients to give instructions and receive advice without having to leave the “comfort” of their accommodation.

Anyone wanting to consult with staff should place an initial telephone call, in order to book a meeting utilizing the preferred means of communication.

For those of us who still prefer to chat over a cup of coffee there will of course always be an open door and a singing kettle to accompany a face-to-face chat.

During recent months, The Johnson Partnership’s Fraud and White Collar Crime Department has been looking after clients nationwide.

As well as our local crown courts in Nottingham, Sheffield, Leicester, Derby, Lincoln and Birmingham, you might expect to find The Johnson Partnership solicitors in regular attendance at Southwark Crown Court or one of the other Greater London Fraud Centres.

At the moment, we find ourselves defending Revenue & Customs prosecutions in Preston, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Ipswich, Sheffield, Manchester and Hull.

With the growth in prosecutions by non-police and non-Revenue & Customs agencies, we have found an increased call on our White Collar Department’s specialist assistance.

Joint teams dealing with the white collar crime in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire often share staff and expertise to ensure the best service for clients, wherever they are required to appear.

We have noticed an increase in the number of clients being visited at their homes or places of work to be interviewed on a “voluntary basis” which again has necessitated staff being available in some of the most unlikely places.  Staff have recently attended lengthy interviews at the offices of their local quarrying and mining operator which are thirty miles or so from the nearest police station.

Rest-assured that wherever you are interviewed, bailed or summonsed, The Johnson Partnership can have the right person on hand to give experienced and discreet advice.

The Johnson Partnership helps to fill the TBF gap.

Written by Editor
September 18th, 2014

The end of August 2014  brought the sad demise of TBF Solicitors.  Originally known as Tracey Barlow & Furness, TBF have long had a substantial presence in many areas of work, handled from their Worksop and Retford offices. 

The demise of TBF has coincided with the significant reduction in the level of work being dealt with by the Worksop Magistrates’ Court.  Increasingly Worksop cases are being dealt with at Mansfield, and the suggestion is that by the end of the year little or no Crown Prosecution Service  work will be handled in the Worksop Court House.

Inevitably, clients based in or around Retford and Worksop will find new problems in getting to and from Court and accessing defence solicitors.

Following the closure of TBF we have been pleased to recruit Moira McFarland and Amanda Thompson, who were both members of the TBF criminal team.

Amanda is a long standing member of the TBF team and will be a familiar voice and face for TBF clients new and old.

Moira McFarland is a relatively new and highly exuberant member of the TBF team, who has got to know a great many of the current clients during her short stay at the firm.  Moira also has history as a criminal solicitor and criminal para legal in the South Yorkshire area and previously worked for a substantial period of time in Doncaster and for a shorter period in Sheffield.  Moira should provide some friendly continuity for any TBF clients who wish to transfer to The Johnson Partnership Solicitors.

Moira is to divide her time between The Johnson Partnership Mansfield office and The Johnson Partnership Barnsley office, thereby capitalising on her  knowledge of the Worksop and Retford area and her base in South Yorkshire.

We wish Amanda and Moira well in their new roles and look forward to working alongside them.

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