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Our Nottingham office remains relatively busy in terms of staff and cases. Our Fraud Department is pressing ahead with their ongoing preparation of long running matters. The Proceeds of Crime team are still able to make progress with all of their customary day to day enquiries on clients’ behalves.

Police stations have been covered throughout the region and beyond either by video link or, wherever possible, by face to face attendance.

Our Crown Court team have been reduced dramatically, but are servicing the shorter hearings that are listed on a daily basis as well as preparing for up and coming longstanding trials.

The Magistrates’ Team have been reduced, but as it is mainly staffed by longstanding Partners of the firm there are plenty of people available to attend at court in person or by video link.

Our Higher Courts Advocate team are daily carrying out as many as a dozen hearings to Crown Courts throughout Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Birmingham, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, and Lancashire.

Our Prison Law team have been perhaps at their busiest. Adjudications are less frequent at the present time, but the Parole Board continue to accept representations and hold hearings either by way video link or by telephone.   The daily flow of Prison Law enquiries is immense, but Euan, Alastair, Shannon, and Iona are all working flat out to make sure that we make contact with people as quickly as possible and try and help them through their difficulties.

Never hesitate to contact us whoever and wherever you are on (0115) 941 9141.


Written by Sian Hall
July 14th, 2017

We want to offer our heartiest congratulations to Benn Robinson on his 2:1 LLP from Nottingham Trent University. Benn completed his degree on a part time basis whilst working hellishly hard in the firm’s Crown Court Department.


Most people are rewarded for great exam grades with champagne, flowers, and a party; in Benn’s case his reward is a further two years study alongside all the demands of a training contract.


For the first time we have decided to have one of the up and coming members of the firm undertake a training contract at the same time as completing a distance learning LPC. Inevitably, the process will be demanding. Benn will have to learn about two entirely new areas of law at the same time as passing both skills and academic exams on a regular basis. It is true that the process wouldn’t suit everybody, but in Benn Robinson we believe we have the man for the job!


Written by Will Bolam
March 19th, 2017

On 3rd January 2017 Sarah Roberts qualified as a solicitor, after a number of years working in the firm’s Magistrates’ Court Department.

On 30th January 2017 she submitted her Duty Solicitor portfolio and completed the Interviewing and Advocacy Assessment.

By 20th February 2017 it was confirmed that she had been successful in passing both the portfolio and the oral examination. Sarah was a Duty Solicitor within 48 days of qualification.

In a firm that likes to pride ourselves on having staff move forward to realise their potential at the earliest opportunity, this really is some kind of a record.

Based in our Nottingham office Sarah is now engaged in all aspects of Magistrates’ Court and police station work and has already had three notable “Not Guilty’s”.


Written by Will Bolam
January 23rd, 2017


At The Johnson Partnership we have always fought shy of publicising particular results. Not only can it look immodest, but there’s always the risk that a client may be identified, a juror embarrassed or some sort of inappropriate comparison made. Whether it’s GBH in Grimsby, scuffling in Scunthorpe, liquoring in Lincoln, bestiality in Barnsley, drunkenness in Doncaster, shoplifting in Sheffield, child-molesting in Chesterfield, manslaughter in Mansfield, death by dangerous in Derby or night-time burglaries in Nottingham, there will always be somebody who can make more outlandish claims about the outcome.

Bearing all of the above in mind, we would just like to say that the start of 2017 has seen some truly exceptional results. Two week trials have collapsed with formal not guilty verdicts on the second day. Impossible looking Section 18 trials have resulted in fantastic acquittals and a case, rescued from a firm and Counsel who seemed to have comprehensively fallen out with their client, has resulted in a famous victory.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Elwick, Mr Church, Mr Stables, Mr Eckersley and Mr Langdale of Counsel for their efforts on behalf of our clients, as well as acknowledging the sterling work of the firm wide in-house advocacy team.

There are occasions when you have to stop and look at those around you and just feel very humble.

A recent audit of The Johnson Partnerships work showed that the vast majority of the firm’s clients benefit in some way from legal aid.

In spite of reductions in the scope of work covered by legal aid and reductions in the number of people who are eligible for legal aid, the scheme still helps a great many people.

The Johnson Partnership have an absolute commitment to legal aid. From our Senior Partners to our newest recruits, all our staff are involved in providing a high quality service to all our legal aid clients, although a number will also carry out work on a privately paid and indeed pro-bono basis.

We are happy to provide non-means tested legal aid cover for all The Johnson Partnership clients in police stations throughout England and Wales. From our own offices we are happy to provide legal aid solicitors for Nottinghamshire, legal aid solicitors for Derbyshire, legal aid solicitors for South Yorkshire, legal aid solicitors for Humberside, legal aid solicitors for Leicestershire, legal aid solicitors for Lincolnshire, legal aid solicitors for West Yorkshire, and legal aid solicitors for Staffordshire.  On many occasions our solicitors and clerks will also be happy to travel throughout the length and breadth of the country to look after both existing and new clients where the case demands and where undue delay can be avoided.

As far as criminal fee earners are concerned, we have the highest number of legal aid solicitors in Nottingham, the highest number of legal aid solicitors in Mansfield, the highest number of legal aid solicitors in Derby, and the highest number of legal aid solicitors in Chesterfield available to look after the firm’s clients, be it at court, at the police station, in long term custody, or wherever the case requires.

With a range of full and part time staff, The Johnson Partnership can provide a comprehensive service for those requiring legal aid solicitors in South Yorkshire, whether they be at Sheffield or Doncaster Crown Courts, Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley or Doncaster Magistrates’ Courts or at police stations in Sheffield, Ecclesfield, Barnsley, Rotherham, or Doncaster. Our South Yorkshire legal aid solicitors are able to reach out to clients detained at police stations in West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, and across the Pennines.  From the offices of The Johnson Partnership Solicitors Doncaster and The Johnson Partnership Solicitors Barnsley we are well placed to reach courts and police stations throughout the area.

The Johnson Partnership Criminal Solicitors Scunthorpe office is located close to the police station and the Magistrates’ Court. From this base we provide legal aid solicitors for Scunthorpe and Humberside.  Full and part time staff enable us to provide a flexible service for clients requiring a legal aid solicitor in Scunthorpe, a legal aid solicitor in Grimsby, a legal aid solicitor in Goole, a legal aid solicitor in Hull, a legal aid solicitor in Beverley, and all of the smaller communities in between.

Since the early 90’s successive governments have slashed the number of Magistrates’ Courts. Indeed, under the current administration we have even seen Doncaster’s Crown Court all but mothballed.

As courts have closed, so many solicitors have stopped providing a service for criminal clients in smaller towns and suburbs. Criminal solicitors have tended to centre around the courts that are left.

Until recently, Nottinghamshire has had three Magistrates’ Courts in Worksop, Mansfield, and Nottingham. However as of  October 2014 the Crown Prosecution Service ceased to prosecute cases at the Worksop courthouse.  This leaves only Nottingham and Mansfield courts in a county that once had additional courthouses in Bingham, Newark, Retford, and Southwell.

In an attempt to ensure that we avoid the problem of advice deserts, The Johnson Partnership Solicitors’ aim, wherever possible, is to provide a service for clients in their own areas.

The Johnson Partnership’s Mansfield office still aims to reach out to clients in Worksop, Retford and the surrounding areas to ensure that the government’s cuts do not mean that court users have to suffer.

Our commitment to seeing clients at home or at mutually convenient neutral venues means that The Johnson Partnership will still remain criminal solicitors for the people of Worksop and Retford who will now have to travel into Mansfield to attend court. Arrangements with other local firms mean that office space will be available for us to see The Johnson Partnership Worksop and The Johnson Partnership Retford clients on their own doorsteps.

By dint of having a number of members of staff resident in or close to Newark, The Johnson Partnership’s Newark clients can also guarantee that they will have somebody immediately on hand if they are to be questioned by the police at the Newark custody suite. Anyone needing to see a Johnson Partnership solicitor between the police station and court can make appropriate arrangements to be seen either at the offices of Payne & Gamage Solicitors or at their own homes.

Where The Johnson Partnership solicitors at Worksop, The Johnson Partnership Solicitors at Retford, The Johnson Partnership Solicitors at Newark, The Johnson Partnership Solicitors at Sutton in Ashfield, The Johnson Partnership Solicitors at Kirkby in Ashfield, or The Johnson Partnership Solicitors at Hucknall clients are having difficulty in attending court, they, along with clients based in smaller towns within the county, are welcome to contact the office the day before their court appearance to see whether appropriate travel arrangements can be made to help them make the extended journey to either Nottingham Crown Court, Nottingham Magistrates’ Court, or Mansfield Magistrates’ Court.

By providing an outreach service for clients living around Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands, we aim to ensure that problems of access and travel are kept to a minimum for The Johnson Partnership Solicitors Nottinghamshire clients.

Throughout the 1990’s and the early noughties our best advertising was always with Yellow Pages.  Our Nottingham office was marketed with as many as three adverts in one directory, all extolling various benefits of choosing The Johnson Partnership.  The adverts promised everything from solicitors carrying out home visits to guaranteed appointments with women solicitors as well as same day appointments, and all sorts of offers of appointments with solicitors who spoke Urdu, Punjabi, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Dutch, etc, etc, etc.

Whenever we’ve opened a new office, it was generally on a tide of new Yellow Pages investment.  The Johnson Partnership Derby office opened with a full page advert proclaiming the benefits of a new Defence solicitors in town, promising help for everybody from motorists to murderers.

When our Mansfield office opened, we advertised not only in the Mansfield Yellow Pages but in the Yellow Pages for surrounding areas, confirming that we were indeed solicitors for Worksop, solicitors for Newark, and solicitors for Retford.  We could be visited at our Mansfield office and we would reach out from that office to all and sundry.

Inevitably, the new Chesterfield office was met with a fanfare of Yellow Pages advertising.  The presence of the new Chesterfield office was heralded in the Yellow Pages pushed through letterboxes not only in Chesterfield, but in Dronfield, Buxton, and even Sheffield.

Each September brought new excitement as we discovered exactly where our adverts were, how much bigger they were than our competitors, and how well they stood out.

It is incredible to think that in 2015 our Yellow Pages expenditure and indeed our Yellow Pages exposure will have been reduced to almost nothing.

Rather than employing teams of energetic healthy students to deliver books that Geoff Capes could not tear in half, the 2014 Yellow Pages barely makes a sound when it hits the mat.  Instead of its former majesty, the publication is A5 size and boasts a significant array of insurance adverts.

There is no doubting that as far as The Johnson Partnership is concerned, our advertising has gone in other directions.

Of course, we have fought hard to build up our internet presence.  Rather than buying sponsored adverts on Google’s front page, we have tried to ensure that we have a proper presence, based on our own website as close to the top of the Google index as we can make it.  We have been grateful to our friends at National Solicitors for the assistance that they have given in helping us promote our brand and we are still delighted to say that a good tranche of work comes to us through people enquiring of


Written by Editor
November 21st, 2015

So far this year the success of The Johnson Partnerships, Criminal Defence Solicitors, in the Court of Appeal has been quite outstanding.

As well as three successful substantial reductions in sentence we are also able to report the quashing of convictions in two separate cases.

Three of these hearings were undertaken by in-house HCA’s or Counsel, demonstrating the strength in-depth of our appellate practice.

Whilst it is always great to come away from the Royal Courts of Justice with the scent of victory in your nostrils, it goes without saying we would always rather get the best result sooner rather than later.

People arrested and asking for The Johnson Partnership can now rest-assured that they will be receiving an even prompter service whatever the time of day or night.  The Johnson Partnership’s new Night Owl rota, covering the Nottingham, Derby, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Doncaster, Scunthorpe and Barnsley solicitors’ offices will ensure that double the number of people are on call throughout night times, weekends and Bank Holidays to advise clients in person wherever they are arrested.

In addition, clients required to answer police bail at anti-social times can rely on a police station advisor from The Johnson Partnership to be available come what may.

The Night Owl rota will be staffed by police station advisors, new solicitors and time-served duty solicitors alike.  However major or minor the matter you must feel free to ask for The Johnson Partnership.  Clients will be able to say to the police with confidence that Johnsons will be there in a jiffy!


Written by Editor
October 31st, 2015

We are delighted to announce that Sarah Roberts has recently commenced her training contract with The Johnson Partnership, a month before Leyona Powell completes her own traineeship and qualifies as a solicitor.

Leyona’s experience has encompassed a broad range of topics, although of late she has been involved in high profile complicated fraud work.

Sarah has had considerable Magistrates’ Court experience, in that she has been the personnel assistant to Chris Saunders, one of the founding Partners, who is still a leading advocate in the East Midlands Magistrates’ Courts.

Sarah is used to long hours, overnight and weekend police station shifts and has shown herself to have the best possible attitude to all things Johnsons.

A well-organised administrator and an accomplished advisor, Sarah is everything that we could have looked for in a trainee, but inevitably we have not had to look far. We wish her all the best and look forward to the day when she pushes Mr Saunders to the back of queue whilst she gets on with her own contested bail applications.

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