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March 15th, 2019

The arrival of a new super custody suite for South Humberside throws up all the usual questions for the Defence solicitors in the area. Traditionally, Defence solicitors in South Humberside are based either in Scunthorpe or Grimsby. Strictly speaking, the new custody suite is not in the centre of either of these two population centres.

Obviously, there is the possibility for new offices to be opened close to the new custody suite, but as ever, this begs the question of whether an office close to a police station really does bring the expected return.

How many people leave the police station and decide the first place that they want to go rather than home, the pub, their drug dealer or McDonald’s is actually their solicitor. How many people arrive at the police station under their own steam only to think at the last minute “Oh that’s what I forgot! A solicitor!” Those arriving in custody having been transported by the police tend to arrive at the rear of police stations and do not pass the open arms of the Defence solicitors whose offices have been invitingly opened nearby. Even those who are driven to the front of the station are unlikely to take in the subtleties of the names of particular firms.

Inevitably then, it seems likely that The Johnson Partnership will not be opening a new office near to South Humberside’s new custody centre.

In recent times, a small rank of well-established Defence firms have opened in the proximity of Derby’s St Mary’s Wharf custody suite. One of our competitors, when relocating within Chesterfield city centre, decided that an office, cheek by jowel with the town’s police station, was a good investment. Within our area, only the wise folk of Sheffield seem to have decided that relocating to the unlovely, unprepossessing, inconvenient and unwelcoming area of the new Shepcote Lane custody suite would be a poor idea.

Discussions with clients show that they tend to be suspicious of many Defence solicitors who are seen as part of the establishment. The Duty Solicitor Scheme has, from time to time, fallen into disrepute, because clients have believed that duty solicitors were “police solicitors”. To do anything to bolster this idea of cosiness seems to be, if not commercial suicide, certainly a serious commercial illness which might result in some haemorrhaging of clients.

Whether it be Nottingham, Derby, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster, Scunthorpe, Grimsby or Lincoln, The Johnson Partnership are pleased to assert our independence, whether it be from police officers, prisons, the Youth Offending Team, the probation service, Judges, prosecutors, or whosoever else may be part of our system.

All Go In Grimsby

Written by admin
July 9th, 2018

It is fair to say that the gender balance of our Grimsby and Scunthorpe Magistrates’ Court operation has changed somewhat. At the start of the year we benefitted from the considerable experience of Kate Fairburn and Rachel Hunter, who were soon augmented by the arrival of the young and enthusiastic Rachel Pomer.

One offer of a job as Senior Crown Prosecutor with no overtime commitments, another offer to be a Magistrates’ Court Legal Advisor, again without overtime, and an offer to be a Fee-Earning Manager elsewhere, saw all three lured to pastures new.

The inestimable Sunny Dinser was left holding an ever growing fort, with the support of Tarryn Guest and various part time colleagues.

It is with some considerable delight that we are now able to announce the arrival of new and quite inspirational replacements.

Nigel Sloane has joined us from Roy Forman’s in Grimsby. With many years’ experience locally and further afield, Nigel is a skilled operator in the Crown Court, the Magistrates’ Court and when giving Police Station advice. He has been joined by Mark Luckett from our Derby Office, he is going to be assisting in Grimsby at least for the next five or six months. Our new hot recruit Torrel Hector is the final new team member. Torrel has shown himself to be as hungry and vigorous as anyone we have recruited for some years. Setting out his stall in Scunthorpe and Grimsby gives him a change to prove that he is indeed the real deal.

Much credit needs to go to Mark who, at a time when things looked bleak on the recruitment front, made a generous and unbelievably accommodating offer to divide his time between Derby and Grimsby and was something that we would never have dared ask, but equally something for which we are enormously grateful.

Time will tell how the new team form in the ever changing Humberside market, but early signs are more than good and we wish them all the best.


Written by Sian Hall
January 30th, 2018

Clients contacting our Scunthorpe or Grimsby offices may well now face a new question: Would you like to speak to Rachel Hunter or Rachel Poma?”

Having long had the pleasure of the company of the experience, warm, caring, and ultimately capable Rachel Hunter, we now have a second Rachel in town.

In January we were fortunate enough to secure the services of Rachel Poma, nee Pullin. Rachel has previously worked on a qualified and non-qualified basis with at least two local firms, but we are delighted to say that she has agreed to join The Johnson Partnership, dividing her time between the Scunthorpe and Grimsby offices.

Rachel is an enthusiastic duty solicitor, with great ideas and a lovely court presence. We look forward to Rachel getting to know both us and our clients, as well as introducing us to many of her old friends and contacts. We count ourselves incredibly lucky to have secured Rachel’s services, in an area where there are relatively few enthusiastic, young and hardworking advocates.


Written by Will Bolam
May 17th, 2017

With the combining of the Grimsby and Scunthorpe duty solicitor rotas, local solicitors have had a choice to make! It is not possible for a particular solicitor to be on the police station rotas for both Grimsby and Scunthorpe. All of the solicitors who are on either of these two rotas are eligible to appear as duty solicitor at Grimsby Magistrates’ Court, but they can only be on the rota as duty solicitor at the police station of their choice. The closure of the Scunthorpe custody suite for temporary refurbishment meant that many solicitors opted to be part of the Grimsby rota leaving Scunthorpe with relatively little cover.

Mindful of our longstanding commitment to the town of Scunthorpe The Johnson Partnership made a conscious decision to ensure that we still provided duty solicitor cover at Scunthorpe Police Station. At the moment, a third of the duty solicitors available to service clients in Scunthorpe come from our firm.

Those solicitors who assumed that the refurbishment of the custody suite could mean there was no work available for a duty solicitor in Scunthorpe have been proven wrong. The increase in voluntary interviews, for which duty solicitor services are still available, and the use of the police station for short stay prisoners and on bail backs has meant there is still a continuous flow of work to be looked after.

It will be interesting to see how many solicitors decide that they need to pay Scunthorpe the attention that it deserves when the new rota is published on 1st July 2017.



Written by Will Bolam
January 23rd, 2017


At The Johnson Partnership we have always fought shy of publicising particular results. Not only can it look immodest, but there’s always the risk that a client may be identified, a juror embarrassed or some sort of inappropriate comparison made. Whether it’s GBH in Grimsby, scuffling in Scunthorpe, liquoring in Lincoln, bestiality in Barnsley, drunkenness in Doncaster, shoplifting in Sheffield, child-molesting in Chesterfield, manslaughter in Mansfield, death by dangerous in Derby or night-time burglaries in Nottingham, there will always be somebody who can make more outlandish claims about the outcome.

Bearing all of the above in mind, we would just like to say that the start of 2017 has seen some truly exceptional results. Two week trials have collapsed with formal not guilty verdicts on the second day. Impossible looking Section 18 trials have resulted in fantastic acquittals and a case, rescued from a firm and Counsel who seemed to have comprehensively fallen out with their client, has resulted in a famous victory.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Elwick, Mr Church, Mr Stables, Mr Eckersley and Mr Langdale of Counsel for their efforts on behalf of our clients, as well as acknowledging the sterling work of the firm wide in-house advocacy team.

There are occasions when you have to stop and look at those around you and just feel very humble.


Written by Editor
November 27th, 2015

The group in the Scunthorpe office’s caseload is testimony to the hard work of all concerned.  At a time other local solicitors are closing their doors The Johnson Partnership remains committed to providing a top quality service to the people of Scunthorpe and beyond who find themselves involved in either a criminal investigation or the Criminal Justice system.

With rumours of court closures and talk of government restrictions, we have decided to press ahead undaunted.  At the moment, five fee earners are regularly based out of the Scunthorpe office: Sunny Dhinsa, Rachel Smith and Kate Fairburn and the tireless Tarryn Guest.

Sunny, Rachel, and Tarryn have particularly strong Scunthorpe links, living in and around the town.

Kate Fairburn’s connections are historically much further east at Humberside and Lincolnshire, but with family members in and around Grimsby and a growing familiarity with the local courts and police she is able to bring her own broader knowledge and expertise there on behalf of the people of Scunthorpe.

Ironically, Kirsty Sargent, who works at our Chesterfield office, is someone who is also educated in the Scunthorpe area and knows the town inside out.

With this dedicated group of Criminal Defence Scunthorpe solicitors and support staff, The Johnson Partnership is demonstrating total commitment to growing our Scunthorpe presence and profile.


Written by Editor
November 18th, 2015

At a point at which a number of local practices have shut up shop,  The Johnson Partnership’s Scunthorpe office goes from strength to strength.

In Scunthorpe the recent changes in the Criminal Defence scene have left The Johnson Partnership unscathed.  Our usual team of committed staff have begun to take a grip on a larger share of the local market.

Headed up by Sunny Dhinsa and backed up by Rachel Smith, we provide an end to end service with excellent police station cover available every hour of every day, and superb Crown Court support from the uncompromising Tarryn Guest.

People arrested and asking for The Johnson Partnership can now rest-assured that they will be receiving an even prompter service whatever the time of day or night.  The Johnson Partnership’s new Night Owl rota, covering the Nottingham, Derby, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Doncaster, Scunthorpe and Barnsley solicitors’ offices will ensure that double the number of people are on call throughout night times, weekends and Bank Holidays to advise clients in person wherever they are arrested.

In addition, clients required to answer police bail at anti-social times can rely on a police station advisor from The Johnson Partnership to be available come what may.

The Night Owl rota will be staffed by police station advisors, new solicitors and time-served duty solicitors alike.  However major or minor the matter you must feel free to ask for The Johnson Partnership.  Clients will be able to say to the police with confidence that Johnsons will be there in a jiffy!

Attempts to make Scunthorpe the Forgotten Town

Written by Editor
October 28th, 2015

Recently the Government published a list of 92 magistrates/county/crown courts, along with some tribunal service offices that are earmarked for closure, subject to a three month consultation period. Amazingly, the Scunthorpe Magistrates’ Court featured on this list.

The Scunthorpe Court services the substantial people of Scunthorpe as well as its neighbour, Brigg and the smaller surrounding communities. It has a number of large roads passing through its petty sessional division which generates substantial numbers of road traffic cases. It is busy and regularly almost too busy.

To close the Scunthorpe Court would leave the people of Scunthorpe and surrounding areas in the invidious position of having to make their way to Grimsby for a court hearing.

Experience has shown that when the Ministry of Justice has closed a court, the Home Office are highly likely to make representations to suggest that the local police station should also turn out its lights and put the key under the mat.

The idea of the people of Scunthorpe being taken to Grimsby for questioning, and then being released either overnight or the early hours of morning with no prospect of getting home is utterly unlovely.

Imagine also the distance for police officers to arrest a shop lifter in Scunthorpe, knowing that they will have to drive the substantial distance to Grimsby in order to ask them perhaps 10 or 15 questions. Inevitably, there will be a temptation for crimes to go uninvestigated and offenders to go unpunished.

An efficient justice system requires the significant elements of that system to be in place for all of the population. The closure of the Scunthorpe Court would seem to be a way of cutting loose the Western End of Humberside with no thought to the inconvenience and the injustice that is likely to ensue.


Written by Editor
September 18th, 2015

So, our pictures are posted, our comments made, objections taken, apologies given, the public is alerted and off we go! Twitter trolls to the left of them, Twitter trolls to the right of them, into the Valley of Death ride “The Innocent”.

Let’s make it clear, here at The Johnson Partnership we are right behind Charlotte Proudman. The idea that we wouldn’t give her work is ludicrous. The idea that she has damaged her professional career in any way is a nonsense. Any time that Ms Proudman fancies a quick appearance in Scunthorpe Magistrates’ Court or a four day trial before a grumpy Recorder at Derby, she is only to ask. Whether we will be seeking extensive advice from Mr Carter-Silk’s illustrious firm is of course a slightly different issue.

As the usual suspects line up one behind the other on opposing sides, we are however left with our own reflections:-

  1. Forthright and Medias have a young barrister who has become the best known 27 year old Counsel in the country.
  2. A well-respected solicitor of senior years and a well-established firm of solicitors enjoy a moment in the spotlight.

The excellent call of Everyday Sexism comes back, upfront and centre stage. And therefore Win! Win! Win! and think of the coincidence! One of the parties studies for a PhD and Cambridge and works in London. Another of the parties works in London and lives in Cambridgeshire. Just a minute! The Twitter trolls are being knocked out of the way by the conspiracy theorists!

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