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Written by admin
August 20th, 2018

In recent years more and more firms of solicitors are claiming to have been awarded batches of excellence of tokens of recognition for the work they do for the people they employ.  Some of these are entirely proper and are well recognised Kitemarks such as the SQM (Specialist Quality Mark) or the Lexcel Accreditation.  Some awards are slightly less transparent!  The “East Midlands Best Advocate”, the “North East Best Practice Manager”, the “Most Go Ahead Medium Sized Firm in the Manchester Area” might all lead to a sceptically raised eyebrow.

The true worth, and may we say voracity of some of the claims made on a number of websites are a matter for a certain amount of speculation.

Who decided?  Who applied?  What is “The North East”?  When was the decision made?  How often is the competition run?  How rigorously monitored is the award process?  Is it all really a load of hogwash or claptrap?  How stupid do we think the public really are?

At The Johnson Partnership we reckon we prefer rewards to awards!  We reckon the best reward that we can have day in day out is a satisfied client and we hope you will agree that’s worth a bucket load of multi-coloured rosettes.

Wragg and Hooplah for the Big City!

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July 20th, 2018

To strengthen and support our Sheffield Office team, Lucy Hooper and Yvonne Wragg have both transferred their allegiances from the East Midlands to South Yorkshire.

Yvonne has gone to our Sheffield Office as day to day manager and organiser as well as being the lead fee earner.

Lucy Hooper left behind her the good folk of Chesterfield in order to take over the office administration as well as coordinate the police station advice and some Crown Court preparation. Sometimes we are told that our reward will be in heaven, but in Lucy’s case I am delighted the she is not having to wait quite that long. Following her impressive performance at the Sheffield Office Lucy has been offered a training contract with immediate effect which will see her progress through the firm at a rate commensurate with her skills and commitment.

We wish both Yvonne and Lucy all the best and are confident that under their stewardship the Sheffield Office will continue its day on day growth.


Written by Sian Hall
November 14th, 2017

Perhaps the hardest working Magistrates’ Court advocate in The Johnson Partnership is proving that 50 is the new 30. Tim Williamson, who has been with us since our rescue of the old Northern Briefs practice in November 2013, turned 50 at the start of October.


Tim’s encyclopaedic knowledge of Doncaster courts and clients means he is the go to guy whenever a new advocate is looking for some important background on a local lass or lad.


Tim’s work rate remains absolutely astounding, in spite of him moving into his sixth decade. In and out of office hours Tim is a force to be reckoned with and we wish him many happy returns and best wishes for many years to come.


Written by Sian Hall
November 7th, 2017

The recent success of our Derby office’s Mark Luckett in completing the Boston Marathon in 3 hours and 13 minutes has caused us to reflect on the ever present link between law and long distance running.


There is no doubting that the stamina and endurance called for in seeing a difficult case to its end is matched by the competitive persistence required of a successful distantness athlete.


For many, however, the long hours spent in training provide the perfect antidote to a hard day in the office. Over the years a number of our solicitors and Partners have either relaxed, or taken time to get their thoughts in order when pounding the streets of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and South Yorkshire.


As well as Mark, perhaps our best and most noteworthy performer was our sadly missed Partner David Graham, who could knock out half marathons in substantially less than an hour and a half. Jo Chadd is a successful conqueror of the London Marathon.  Emma Coverley regularly disappears to both road and fell running events throughout the North and Midlands.  In a slight bizarre but truly historical event Sean O’Brien, Dan Church, and Richard Davies then of our Doncaster office completed the Sheffield half marathon of 2014 which had officially been called off due to a lack of water; all survived and have their medals to prove it!


One of our hardest working runners in every sense must be the Mansfield office’s Chris Perry, who has completed more distance events than anyone else in the firm on courses far and near. Based on the edge of the Peak District, Chris is well placed to clock up some good looking miles whilst leaving Mansfield Magistrates’ Court at the back of the pack.


Good luck to all, including Sean O’Brien in this year’s Snowdonia Marathon and Emma Coverley and Digby Johnson in the 13 mile festive Turkey Trot around the Vale of Belvoir.



Written by Sian Hall
July 11th, 2017

We are delighted to announce that from July 2017 Shazia Parveen is to join us at our Sheffield office. Situated in the John Banner Business Centre at 620 Attercliffe Road, Shazia will be well-positioned between Sheffield Magistrates’ Court and Shepcote Lane Police Station.


For many years Shazia Parveen has been the queen of Howells Criminal team. We count ourselves particularly lucky that she has agreed to transfer her allegiances and release her flat in our own Sheffield realm.


Shazia is well-renowned for her work both in police stations and at the Magistrates’ Court. Bail hearings, sentencing hearings, trials, Youth Court proceedings and all the rest of the daily fare of Magistrates’ Court life are meat and drink to Shazia.


We look forward to welcoming Shazia among us and hope that she is going to feel as positive about her new home as we do.


Written by Will Bolam
January 6th, 2017

Since his arrival with The Johnson Partnership in early October, Fintan Walker has barely stopped. It was apparent to those of us who interviewed Finton that he was somebody with enthusiasm and bags of energy. He had worked for a number of firms, gaining substantial experience in the Criminal Defence Field and was looking for a new challenge.

As part of our South Yorkshire Team it was decided that Fintan would initially be placed in Doncaster, with a view to helping out the Sheffield office as the practice developed.

What wasn’t envisaged was that Fintan would find himself in Court pretty much every morning and afternoon, as well as being on two out-of-hours rotas.

If this wasn’t a big enough challenge, Fintan found that he was having to step up to the plate even faster than expected when Doncaster’s supervising partner: Andy Bostock, found himself having to take a month’s paternity leave a little earlier than anticipated.

Fintan has proved a great hit with colleagues, support staff and clients alike. His super attitude and winning personality have made him a big hit in the firm.

At The Johnson Partnership we always try to make sure that new staff get as much relevant experience as possible. As Finton is due to become a father himself in the middle of January, Andy has been able to give him a masterclass in new parenthood alongside getting to know a new batch of clients and some different office systems.


Written by Will Bolam
September 19th, 2016

We are pleased to announce that our friends at Custard Computers have totally overhauled the computer systems at the Barnsley office.

The digital changes have been brought about at the same time as additional premises have been acquired for our Barnsley operation.

We are most grateful to Custard for their speedy professional and good humoured endeavours.

The Barnsley premises now incorporate further space for fee earners and client interviewing which should enable us to keep everyone happy provided they can resist the temptations of the beauty salon and café on the way up to our Barnsley lair.


Written by Editor
October 16th, 2015

On a day when Sue Fish, the Deputy Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire speaks proudly of her force now being able to boast that 30% of its officers are women, The Johnson Partnership can bask in its own demonstration of inequality.

Whilst 30% of Nottinghamshire’s police officers may indeed be women, The Johnson Partnership are able to boast that over 60% of its fee earners across all seven offices are girls/women/ladies/members of the fairer sex/non-males.

A sustained history of recruitment purely on merit has resulted in a fee earning staff dominated by women at both paralegal and solicitor levels of qualification.

We look forward to continuing to select on merit and trust that one day Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, and Humberside forces may all catch up to a point where they can stand proudly alongside us.


Written by Editor
November 17th, 2014

The Government, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that this week is Restorative Justice Week.  It is the week when the public are to be persuaded that they really are rather happy that the person who has hit them in the face with a glass bottle will be writing a letter of apology rather than going to court.  Alternatively, the person who has spray painted the rude words all over the side of the house will be spending several ill-tempered hours in their close proximity with detergent, hot water, and a potentially dangerous long-handled brush.

Restorative Justice in Derbyshire has long been renowned for its all-pervading domination of the Criminal Justice landscape.  People have been arrested for assaulting others in public houses, having spent an arduous three or four hours in the cells awaiting interview, have often been ordered by the reviewing officer to sort matters out by going back to the same pub and shaking hands in the middle of the car park.

Restorative Justice in South Yorkshire has historically played a much smaller part in the Criminal Justice process.  If there is any restoring to be done, the good folk of South Yorkshire have tended to have matters restored without involving police officers.  By the time the police get involved, matters have often gone far beyond that point.

Restorative Justice in and around Scunthorpe was flourishing, but seems to have been somewhat hampered by the need for one and maybe two interpreters to intercede to assist the respective parties in resolving matters and expressing their views on the issue.

In Nottinghamshire, Restorative Justice has from time to time been embraced and yet again from time to time shunned.  Only a cynic would suggest that Restorative Justice tends to flourish when the requisite paperwork is reduced.  On balance, many think that the sort of use made for Restorative Justice by the Nottinghamshire Police is far more proportionate and reasonable then elsewhere in the country.

There are of course many who will say that the crime most worth of Restorative Justice during the past eighteen months has been that of theft of funds from the legal aid budget.  Perhaps the notion of setting Chris Grayling to work free of charge in high street solicitors’ office up and down the country would see Restorative Justice employed to its very best effect.

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