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Written by admin
January 3rd, 2020

Getting people together out of work to spend time in one another’s company isn’t always the most straightforward of matters.  Continuing education, meals out, a free bar have all worked to some extent, but after a while the attraction seems to fade.

Theo Addae, who manages our Derby office and our Trainee Solicitor programme, has recently put together a series of social events based around sport.

Football competitions, a rounder’s match, and a netball tournament have seen large numbers of people come together to play in or support departmental or office teams before inevitably adjourning to quench their thirst.

Teams made up of colleagues, as well as interdepartmental teams, have meant that people have got to know one another in a new way, even though they are from offices as far away as Lincoln, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Sheffield and Grimsby.

Whether the offices’ swimming gala will attract quite such enthusiastic crowds of participants is debatable, some of us suggested this might be more of a comedy event!!!!


Written by admin
July 13th, 2018

It is a sad truth that criminal law is less and less attractive in many respects for new arrivals in the profession. Rates of pay are relatively meagre. Hours of work are prodigious. Working conditions, around police stations, prisons, hospitals and desperate conditions in clients’ homes, are some of the worst.

Throughout the last two or three years a new problem has started to emerge which is perhaps more alarming than all the rest. Both at the bar and in solicitors’ offices throughout the area, more and more professionals are having to take time away from work to cope with mental health difficulties.

For some, it is simply the volume of work, which, increases as we have to do more to avoid earning considerably less.

For some, it is the constant drag of the sort of work that they are having to confront day in day out. In particular, the growth in the number of historic allegations of sexual abuse is something that has taken its toll on a number of practitioners.

For some, the pressure of examinations, when combined with a heavy case load has simply been too much.

There can be no doubting that firms are going to have to take a real interest in the work and home lives of staff to try to avoid problems mounting up. Stress and anxiety can turn a happy life into a living hell. If staff or partners are unable to talk about the difficulties they are experiencing firms will just be creating the sort of problems that are likely to mean that any time and money spent on training and professional development is likely to be thrown away.

A caring, friendly, open environment is going to be absolutely essential if we are going to be able to retain skill, knowledge and expertise within our criminal colleagues.


Written by Sian Hall
October 17th, 2017

It is with great pleasure to introduce our newest Trainee Solicitor, Benn Robinson.

Benn first started to study law at Nottingham Trent University at the age of 18. He completed the first two years of his sandwich course before spending the third year with another local firm. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to complete his course at that time but undeterred he joined the Call Centre and became accredited as a Police Station Representative. In 2012 he moved into our Crown Court Department and has been a firm favourite there ever since. He re-started his degree course in 2014 on a part time basis and has balanced that with working full time and being on call.

We were so proud when he successfully completed the course this summer and he is now studying for the LPC part time alongside his Training Contract which started at the beginning of the month. Unbelievably, he still manages to find time to enjoy golf and football and is currently bracing himself for the arrival of his first child next year.

Watch this space ladies and gentlemen as those dulcet Brummie tones will be heard in a court near you in the not too distant future!


Written by Sian Hall
October 17th, 2017

After years of hard endeavour in The Johnson Partnership’s White Collar Department, we are sorry to announce the departure of Charlotte Cullen who is heading for an offshore haven.


A rising talent within the firm, who just commenced a training contract with The Johnson Partnership, Charlotte Cullen has been head-hunted to work for a firm of civil and criminal fraud specialists based in Jersey. A great package of incentives and excellent prospects mean that no-one could stand in Charlotte’s way.  We wish her all the best and mourn her passing.


As well as an excellent trainee, Charlotte was rapidly becoming the firm’s social secretary, a role which is now vacant. Her tour de force was the organisation of the recent 70th birthday celebrations for in-house Counsel Jimmy Beck, from whom Charlotte confesses she has learned a great deal about law and libation.


Good luck Charlotte, we’ll miss you!



Written by Sian Hall
August 31st, 2017

It gives us genuine and unalloyed pleasure to announce that Charlotte Cullen is The Johnson Partnership’s newest trainee solicitor.


Charlotte started with us on 9th September 2013 after a three month trip to Thailand which still remains veiled in mystery.  Recruited as a member of the Business Defence and Fraud Team, Charlotte has always remained loyal to White Collar Crime and paper-heavy cases.


Having swept all before her in terms of exams and accreditations, Charlotte also can boast a rare distinction of having been robbed by and rescued by a Johnson client in the course of the same evening.


We are sure that Leicester City’s Championship winning season was all down to Charlotte’s enthusiastic support and so we decided the time had come for us to back a winner.

Good luck Charlotte, although frankly we doubt that you will need it.


Written by Sian Hall
July 14th, 2017

We want to offer our heartiest congratulations to Benn Robinson on his 2:1 LLP from Nottingham Trent University. Benn completed his degree on a part time basis whilst working hellishly hard in the firm’s Crown Court Department.


Most people are rewarded for great exam grades with champagne, flowers, and a party; in Benn’s case his reward is a further two years study alongside all the demands of a training contract.


For the first time we have decided to have one of the up and coming members of the firm undertake a training contract at the same time as completing a distance learning LPC. Inevitably, the process will be demanding. Benn will have to learn about two entirely new areas of law at the same time as passing both skills and academic exams on a regular basis. It is true that the process wouldn’t suit everybody, but in Benn Robinson we believe we have the man for the job!


Written by Will Bolam
September 22nd, 2016

The arrival in the ranks of assistant solicitors at The Johnson Partnership of Devon Broome has brought a fresh injection of enthusiastic youth to our Nottingham Magistrates’ Court team as well as to the prison law department.

Having agreed to stay with the firm on qualification, Devon is to split her time between prison law and blue collar work.

Over the past four years Devon has built up a real expertise in representing detainees at adjudications and before the Parole Board. She is persuasive both as a written and oral advocate on behalf of her many prison law clients.

Since June, Devon has been demonstrating the same skill on a daily basis in the Magistrates’ Courts of the East Midlands. When asked about her time as a trainee, she said “it’s amazing how much you can absorb when you are working alongside people who are in the Magistrates’ Court day in and day out”.

The speed, skill and understanding with which Devon’s approach to her new challenges is a testimony to her own ability and how successful the firm’s shared works based policy has been. By listening to the experiences of others and asking questions along the way, Devon was able to make the most of her Magistrates’ Court training seat. Some early complex sentencing hearings might have been expected to challenge most new recruits, but Devon took them in her stride.

We have all been swept along by Devon’s whirlwind personality and look forward to watching her blow the opposition away.

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