Web Notes

This page contains notes on the operation of the system for use in the further development of the site.

Staff Numbers

Each member of staff has been allocated a number on the site to assist in sorting people into the right order. The numbers are:

1-100 Partners (Numbered by seniority)

101-200 Magistrates Court Solicitors (Originally numbered by alphabetical order. New members of staff will be added at the end)

201-300 HCA's (Numbered by order that they joined the firm.

301-400 Business Law (Numbered alphabetically)

401-500 Prison Law (Numbered alphabetically)

501-600 Police Station Team (Numbered alphabetically)

601-700 Trainees (Numbered alphabetically)

701-800 Caseworkers (Numbered alphabetically)

Sort Order

Partners - Sorted by number

Solicitors - Sorted alphabetically

HCA's - Sorted by number

Business Law - Sorted by number

Prison Law - Sorted by number

Police stations - Sorted by number

Trainees - Sorted by number

Caseworkers - Sorted by number