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White Collar Crime and Fraud

If you are being investigated or prosecuted by any of the following and many others, we are able to help you;

CPS Complex Casework Unit                                                HMRC
Trading Standards                                                                 BEIS
Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA)                    DVLA
Serious Fraud office (SFO)                                                    Insolvency Service
Health and Safety Executive                                                 Post Office
Environment Agency                                                             Fire Service
Office of the Public Guardian                                                National Crime Agency

Our business defence department has the expert knowledge and experience required to deal with investigations and prosecutions by a variety of agencies, There are many different allegations of fraud that can be made, VAT fraud, tax fraud, film fraud, carousel frauds, diversion frauds, charity fraud etc… We have lawyers who have extensive experience of dealing with all types of fraud in many different situations, and are available to help you at short notice.

Our team, led by Nicola Hornby assisted by the vast experience and knowledge of Aaron Watson-Weinberg can assist you from the start of any investigation and throughout any prosecution. These investigations can take some time to conclude and The Johnson partnership is in a position to assist you throughout that time. These criminal defence specialists were put together to look after business, professional, white collar clients, and those alleged to be involved in serious organised crime. We have established links with forensic accountants, IT interrogators, research investigators, and the commercial departments of several leading firms throughout the country who are not involved in criminal or business defence work. With this network we are able to draw on a vast reservoir of HMRC and DTI defence expertise enabling us to advise clients from the first concerns through to the end of the case.

It may be that the prosecution have obtained a Restraint Order or have applied to detain your cash or freeze your bank accounts. We are able to provide you with advice and assistance throughout. We can apply for orders to be varied or discharged.

We take a forensic approach to each case. In our experience many Investigators simply jump to conclusions without the evidence to back them up. As defence solicitors it is our job to make sure that these sorts of flimsy and speculative prosecutions fail at the earliest opportunity.

It goes without saying, that some people will face insurmountable difficulties; where this happens we are happy to attempt to reach accommodations or compromises with the prosecutor or the departments concerned.  It is often possible to resolve matters to the satisfaction of our clients by entering into discussions and negotiations with a view to avoiding court proceedings by making appropriate restitutions or implementing changes to business practice.

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