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Prison Law

Our dedicated prison law team have years of experience representing prisoners and fighting for their rights.

Our team ensure that all prisoners nationwide have the best representation available.

We have specialist and expert knowledge in the areas of parole board hearings, adjudications and other areas such as HDC's and


We offer the following services free of charge, under legal aid:

  • Lience recalls

  • IPP reviews/lifer reviews

  • Parole Board oral hearings

  • Adjudications before the judge

  • Pre-tariff reviews

  • Cat A reviews

  • Judicial reviews

We are also able to represent prison law clients on a number of other prison law matters for which legal aid is not available which include:

  • Home detention curfew

  • Re-cat reviews

  • Challenging licence conditions

  • Adjudications before the governor

  • Prison transfers

  • Challenging closed visits

Please contact the prison law department for a quote.

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