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Case Timescales


Given the range of cases and the delays experienced in the court system it is currently very hard to estimate how long a case will take. If you are pleading guilty and your matter is being dealt with at the magistrates court then we would hope that your case would be dealt with in one, or at the most two, hearings. If you are pleading not guilty and your case is to be heard at the Crown Court our current experience is that cases can take in excess of twelve months to deal with. We will always try and progress your case as quickly as possible but chronic under---funding of the courts has meant that the delays there get worse year upon year.

Road Traffic Cases

We cannot provide you with an estimated timescale without knowing more about your individual case but in general terms:

  • We anticipate that the majority of guilty plea and exceptional hardship matters will conclude on the first hearing.

  • A contested matter will usually have a timescale of at least 8 weeks and involve a minimum of two hearings.


We will be in a better position to discuss likely timescales once we know more about your case and will happily discuss this with you prior to any fee being agreed.

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