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Criminal Defence

The Johnson Partnership was founded and has built our reputation and success on criminal defence work. We are known as a firm who will strongly defend the interests of our clients, whatever the nature of the allegations.

Being arrested or charged with a crime can be a very upsetting and unsettling experience. We provide clear, helpful and individual advice to our clients. Each case is different, each client is different, and so we ensure that our advice is tailored to what will be best for you.

Police Station

If you are being interviewed by the police then you need to be represented by a legal advisor. Having someone there to represent you will not delay your release or make life more difficult for you. We have a large and well trained team of advisors who specialise in helping people at the police station. We are available to cover any police station in the country, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Magistrates Court

All adult criminal cases start in the Magistrates Court, and most finish there as well. Whether you are pleading guilty or not guilty, having a trial or being sentenced, we have a team of specialist Magistrates Court solicitors who can represent you and put your case forward. Our results, obtained through hard work and dedication to our clients, are second to none. We ensure that our clients have a sympathetic solicitor to represent them, who will take the time to explain everything and advise on all the possible options that you have. 

Crown Court

Although most cases start and finish in the Magistrates Court a number each year are sent to the Crown Court. We have a large and dedicated team of advocates and caseworkers who will prepare your case and help you to make the right decisions all the way through. Our in house advocates are experienced lawyers who have conducted every possible sort of case. We also have excellent relations with the local independent barristers, so if bringing someone in from outside the firm is right for your case we can arrange that as well.

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