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About Us

The Johnson Partnership was formed on 1st July 1990 and since then has grown to be one of the largest criminal law firm in England and Wales.

Of the 10 people who walked through the door on the first morning four remain, even though one is currently on sabbatical. Bill, Chris and Digby remain as partners but they have been joined by the fourth first day member Emma Eardley who on the 1st July 1990 was our office junior.

Since 1990 The Johnson Partnership has attracted more than its fair share of media exposure.

In 2002 the partnership was the centre piece of the major channel 4 documentary series “Partners in Crime”. Our high profile cases and unusual working arrangements mean that we’re never far from the public eye.

Many of our solicitors have appeared in the media and we are often called on by the BBC, ITV News and local radio to provide expert comment on criminal law issues. You can read more about our media work here.

We also have a strong commitment to our communities and sponsor many local groups and activities

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