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Police Station Advice

Getting the right advice at the police station can make a massive difference to what happens afterwards. It can affect whether you are charged or not, whether you have a trial or not and ultimately whether you go to prison or not. Advice at the police station is free so if the police wish to speak to you then you should always be represented.

We have a specialist team of police station advisers who are available nationwide, 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year. We always have people on call who can attend the police station to assist. No matter is too minor and no matter is too serious. Our team have dealt with international terrorism, murders, rapes and robberies. We've also dealt with domestic disputes, driving offences and shop thefts. Whatever your matter we are here to help.

The following articles give some useful information about attending police stations.

Why You Should Use A Solicitor

The Right To Silence

Written Statements

Voluntary Interviews

Released Under Investigation

Postal Requisitions

Do I Have To Give The Police My PIN?

Challenging Bail Conditions

Domestic Violence Protection Notices (DVPO's)

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