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Released Under Investigation

After the police have arrested and interviewed someone they are often released under investigation. This means that the police are still carrying on their enquiries into whether or not you have committed an offence. Unfortunately the police often leave matters weeks, if not months (and occasionally years) before making a decision whether to take you to court or not.

Usually when someone is released under investigation there is no date for them to return to the police station, and the police can take as long as they like over their investigation. This can mean that you are living almost in a state of suspended animation waiting for them to make a decision. If they have seized your phone or your computer (or those of other family members) then that makes things even harder.

Regrettably the police have no obligation to keep you informed about how their investigation is going or what is happening. You are only likely to know at the end of it, when you will get a letter either telling you to attend at court or telling you that no further action is being taken.

If the police have released you under investigation and you did not have a solicitor at the police station then you should contact us as soon as possible.

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