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Postal Requisitions

What Is A Postal Requisition?

A postal requisition is a summons to attend court. It will say what you have been charged with and where and when you need to attend court.

When Will I Receive One?

Postal requisitions are now used commonly by the police, for a whole range of offences. If you have been released under investigation by the police after an arrest, or you have been in a voluntary interview, then the next thing you hear about this may well be when you receive a requisition through the post.

What Should I Do If I Receive A Postal Requisition?

If you receive a requisition then you should contact us immediately. We will advise you about the availability of legal aid and we will obtain a copy of the evidence against you so that we can deal with your case.

What Happens If I Don’t Attend Court?

If you don’t attend court in answer to a requisition then the magistrates are likely to issue a warrant for your arrest. This will order the police to detain you and bring you before the next available court, keeping you in custody until they do. This can be particularly annoying if they arrest you on a weekend when you may have to stay in custody until Monday morning.

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