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Written Statements

What Is A Written Statement And Should I Use One In Police Interview?

An important part of any police investigation is when they interview the suspect. Usually the police are hoping to extract a confession from the suspect, an admission that they have committed the offence. Our police station advisors will discuss the case with you and the evidence that the police have and will then advise you whether or not to answer questions. Sometyimes the best thing to do is to answer questions, sometimes it is best to answer No Comment, and sometimes it is best to submit a written statement (also called a prepared statement).


What Is A Written Statement

A written statement is a document prepared by the detainee and their solicitor setting out what they want to say about the allegation or incident. It has the advantage of being a controlled statement that addresses the issues that the client wants to raise and, if properly drafted, ensures that nothing is missed.


When Might A Written Statement Be Used?

There are lots of reasons why a person might want to submit a written statement rather than answer questions of simply say no comment. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Where a suspect is vulnerable

  • Where a suspect might not cope with the pressure of the interview process

  • Where a suspect is reluctant to speak candidly with their adviser

  • There may be facts that a suspect would not want to disclose and which the police don’t know

  • It may be appropriate to deny certain facts and admit others.


Who Writes The Statement?


When you speak to our adviser at the police station they will take all the necessary details from you. If you and they agree that a written statement is the best way to proceed then the advisor will draft the statement for you based on the information that you have told them. They or you will then read it to the police in the interview.


Always Seek Our Free And Independent Advice In Police Interview


We have a specialist team of police station advisers who will assist you throughout the police station process. If you have been arrested by the police ask for them to contact The Johnson Partnership straight away.

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