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Ending A Football Banning Order Early

Football banning orders always have a specified length, between three years and 10 years. However you can apply for them to be lifted early. Once two thirds of the ban has been served you can make an application to the court to have it lifted. For example, if your ban was for three years you can apply after two years, and if you're ban was for six years you could apply after four years.

To try and have a ban lifted early you need to apply to the court that made it. Once an application is submitted the court will notify you and the police of a date when it will be considered. In this hearing the court will look at:

  • The circumstances around the original offence

  • Your conduct since that offence;

  • Whether they consider that an order is still necessary


the police are entitled to attend the hearing and make any observations they wish. The magistrates will consider anything that you say and that the police say. Usually the police will be represented by a solicitor.

Legal aid is not usually available to apply to have a banning order lifted early. We can provide you with a fixed fee quote for doing this work, or assist you to present the case on your own. Even if you are planning to present the case on your own it's best to obtain some legal advice first about what is likely to be a successful argument and what is not.

If your application to lift the banning order is successful then you will be free to attend football matches again in the future. If it is unsuccessful then your ban will remain in place.

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