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Criminal Defence Solicitors Worksop

Our new Worksop Office is situated in the imaginatively named Turbine Innovation Centre, Coach Close, Worksop, with flexible office facilities and ample free parking.  


Although Worksop no longer benefits from its own Magistrates court, our Worksop team regularly advise Worksop based clients who they go on to represent in Magistrates Courts in Mansfield and Doncaster as well as the Crown Courts in Nottingham and Sheffield.  


Clients under investigation at Worksop, Retford, Ollerton and Bawtry are regularly attended by our Worksop police station advisors.  


We welcome clients from all areas but are used to be visiting by those needing assistance in Worksop, Carlton, Langold, Manton, Kiverton Bridge, Treswell, Whitwell, Clowne, Retford, Ranby and the villages surrounding Rampton Secure Hospital.  



At The Johnson Partnership we have an highly experienced team of prison lawyers who have advised and represented detainees in custody in Worksop throughout the last twenty years. 

Euan Edwards, Alastair Young, Jessica Rogers, Shannon Barlow, Sian Hall and Kendall Newbold make up our current team who are available to liaise with detainees across the country.

Most of the work the department carries out involves the representation of clients facing prison adjudications, Parole Board hearings, applications by lifer prisoners for release or re-categorisation and of course the negotiation of licence conditions.  As well as this,  we are able to help with representations about re-categorisation, health concerns, diet, property and location on a private basis.  In addition to the standard issues that affect prisoners on a daily basis, we are also able to help with judicial reviews where there has been a perverse finding and all other remedies have been explored.

Criminal Solicitors Worksop


The Johnson Partnership regularly offer advice and assistance to defend clients being investigated or prosecuted in connection with matters of fraud, financial irregularity, issues arising out of someone’s position as a director and many other matters of complex business crime.  

The department is headed up by Nicola Hornby and Aaron Watson-Weinberg, both of whom have substantial experience in this field.  They are backed up by a team of solicitors and paralegals including Sian Barber and Andrea Cowie.  

The department has members who specialise in assisting clients who are subject to Proceeds of Crime investigations.  This team can also help clients who have been made subject to a Proceeds of Crime Order who now find that applications are being made for new assets to be forfeited, even though the Order was made many years ago.  

Prosecutions by BEIS, HMRC, Trading Standards Departments, FACT, DEFRA, the Health & Safety Executive, and a vast range of other supervisory and prosecuting authorities come the way of our specialist team.

In addition, clients facing proceedings before their regulatory bodies such as the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the SRA, the GMC, etc., are able to call on the assistance of the department along with one of our most experienced Partners Mr John Wilford.  As well as members of the medical profession, we have assisted teachers, pharmacists, vets, local government officers, police officers and many more besides who have had problems with their regulatory bodies. 

We can also help with representations in person or in writing to help with disciplinary proceedings brought by sporting bodies such as the FA, the RFU, the ABA, and the Boxing Board of Control.

Legal aid may well be available for much of the department’s work, but where a matter is not within the scope of the Legal Aid Scheme, we are always happy to negotiate up front fees at a competitive rate.  


At The Johnson Partnership we have a large team of qualified and experienced police station advisors in Worksop.  Our aim is always to try to make sure the case finishes as soon as possible and ideally without having to attend court.  

Whether you have just been arrested and taken to the police station or whether the police have asked you to attend an interview as a volunteer, we have someone on standby to help.  We aim to accumulate as much information as possible from the police before discussing the inquiry with you and advising how the interview should be approached.  


If you have been charged and bailed to go to court in Worksop or received a postal requisition – something that many of us would know as a summons – we can help!  In less serious cases, such as motoring prosecutions, it may be that the most cost-effective way is to deal with matters by making written representations to the court.  In  other cases it will be necessary for a solicitor to appear in person to make sure that you get the best outcome.  

If either you, or somebody close to you, has been arrested by the police and held for court, we can have expert advocacy assistance available at short notice to try to ensure firstly that you are granted bail and secondly that the case proceeds to the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time.  

In addition to representation in the Magistrates’ Court, we have our own in-house team of Higher Courts Advocates and barristers to provide a seamless service from the police station to the Court of Appeal.  As well as our own in-house advocates we have a range of handpicked Counsel from Chambers throughout the country, who we regularly instruct on behalf of our clients where specialist help is required. Our friends at Castle Gate Chambers, High Pavement Chambers, King Charles House/Garden Square Chambers, Bedford Row, Bank House, St John’s Buildings, and Exchange Chambers have worked with the firm over many years.


We are happy to try to make sure that you have the right solicitor for your needs.  If you need to be seen quickly, we can often arrange same-day appointments.  If you prefer to be dealt with by a man or a woman, we would be happy to oblige.  We have a number of colleagues who speak European and African languages, as well as various languages and dialects from the Indian subcontinent.  If you need to be seen at an unusual time to fit in with your day to day business, or you would prefer to be visited at home or at work or in hospital, we can make the necessary arrangements.  Let us know your needs and we will try to accommodate!

The Johnson Partnership are one of the largest Criminal Defence solicitors in the country.  Centred in the Midlands and North we still represent clients in police stations and courts throughout the country.  The use of video technology has made long distance representation a common feature of everyday life. 

We currently have cases before courts in places as far away as Truro, Cardiff, Canterbury, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Norwich, Liverpool, Newcastle upon Tyne, Stoke, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton, Ipswich, Oxford, Cambridge, Peterborough, Bradford, and Hull. Wherever you are, feel free to make contact either by telephone or through our website for a face-to-face meeting, a video consultation or a telephone chat.  

The Johnson Partnership Solicitors Worksop

Turbine Innovation Centre

Coach Close


S81 8AP

Tel:  01909 498598 –  24 hrs

Opening hours:

Mon – Fri:  9:00am – 5:30pm (Open 24 hours for police station advice)


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