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The pandemic has seen the retirement of one of Barnsleys most trusted and well respected criminal advocates. Brian Bushell whose career spanned a stint with the police, a time as the proprietor of his own firm, a period with GV Hale of Barnsley, concluded with several happy years with the The Johnson Partnership.

Not only was Brian a skilled litigator and advocate but he embraced all there was to learn when it came to 21st Century office technology. He will be missed by colleges and clients alike. We are sorry to see his departure from the deep south.

An interesting part of Brians considerable legacy, comes in the form of Annie Brown, our first ever apprentice in the Johnson Partnerships Nottingham Office. Annie had been pupil under the care of Brians wife Helen. She was introduced to the firm during her sixth form and has now embarked on the work place based legal apprenticeship scheme, in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University.

As we come to enjoy and share in Annie's success' we will always have a fond reminder of Brians time with the firm. We wish him well in all his future endeavours!

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