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The Johnson Partnership, Here, There and Everywhere

In the course of a recent panel discussion one of the speakers made the point that geography has come to matter less and less during the pandemic. He was making the point that his firm had a client base which had previously been limited to the UK, but now included clients firms in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai and Toronto. This left us to reflect on the geographical expansion of our own practise over the last 10 months.

The firm has always prided itself on having a national profile. Indeed, for many years one of our offices was adorned with an enormous map of the UK which had green pins marking all of the courts that we had attended and it should be said red pins marking the football grounds that we had visited.

A review of new instructions during the pandemic, reveals that cases have been handled, predominately over the video link system, in Canterbury, Chelmsford, peter lee, Sunderland, new castle, Birmingham (repeatedly), Preston, Bristol, and Plymouth The opportunity to advice over the video link during police interviews and to appear in court by the common virtual platform has made life very straight forward, as well as cutting out hours and hours of wasteful travel. The fact that we have all become familiar with Zoom, Skype, Teams, FaceTime etc has meant that many clients, counsel and experts are entirely happy to have lengthy discussions about cases without being anywhere near to one of our offices.

So we can now say that we regularly represent people in Bristol, Plymouth and Pitsmoor, Truro and Tankersley. Where ever you need us, just call and give us an excuse to put some more pins in the map!

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