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Business As Usual

Since the recommencement of trials at the end of the first national lockdown, The Johnson Partnership have been at the forefront of firms conducting trials across the country.

In the curious circumstances in which the jury now have to work we have successfully completed trials in Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Suffolk, WoodGreen, Snaresbrook, Bradford, Leeds, Grimsby and Birmingham.

Not only has there been a large geographical spread to the cases that we have defended there have also been a great many different sorts of matters for resolution.

Since June of last year we have been involved in four murder trials, six rape trials, three serious frauds, eight matters involving firearms and a significant number of matters involving the trafficking of drugs, section 18 and section 20 woundings, armed robberies and many many less serious offences, being heard in both the crown and the magistrates court.

Our advocates and litigators as well as the experienced counsel that we instruct have become very familiar with the conducting of trials under the new regime. You can rest assured that any matter looked after by The Johnson Partnership will not be jeopardised or in any way thrown into doubt as a result of changes to court rooms or court buildings or as a result of advocates having been out of the trial arena for long enough to get ring rusty.

Whether it's in South Yorkshire, Humberside, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire or across the length and breadth of the land, you can rely on The Johnson Partnership for excellent criminal defence.

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