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Is It Fraud? Is it White Collar? Is it Business Defence?

Never in the history of english law has one area of work donned so many different costumes. Offences of dishonestly involving the obtaining of money or services by dishonest means, often deception or misrepresentation find themselves dressed up with all sorts of pseudonyms.

Many refer to these offences as white collar crime, as they are traditionally committed by accountants or office based business people. some refer to them as business crimes, in the hope of sanitises the offending. with reference to business or commerce, which suggests some greater level of proprietary.

some simply refer to them as complex crimes, suggesting some higher level of skill being required by the perpetrators. Another explanation for the term complex crime is perhaps a suggestion that the offence is being committed inadvertently as a result of the complex nature of law or regulations.

However you dress up this area of law the truth of the matter is that unless your lawyers can persuade the prosecutor that they have no chance of success, you will come before a judge and jury who will be asked to find you guilty.

There is no point shilly-shallying or gilding the lily. You need to get involved with lawyers who are capable of rolling their sleeves up ,preparing your defence and getting the jury to accept that they cant be sure that you have done the wrong things that have been alleged against you.

at The Johnson Partnership we have an expert team of plain talking, hard working, big brained individuals who sleeves never slip below the elbow. If you find yourself facing allegations of this kind, or whatever you want to call them, what you really need to do is call the Johnson Partnership. our expert team are free throughout the week on 0115 985 9978 and will be happy to talk to you in a language you can understand. They will also be happy to speak to investigators, prosecutors, judges and juries in a language that they too will not only understand but find pervasive.

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