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New Year No Change

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

It's sad to report that the first post of 2021 has to be one confirming that special arrangements remain in place for the firm in lockdown.

We are delighted to say that all offices of the firm remain open and our full 24 hour service is still available to all.

Regrettably, our offices are closed to the public except by very special arrangement, although we are using an increasingly wide range of video conferencing and telephone conferencing to ensure that clients are able to discuss their cases with us in detail.

Where necessary we are happy to advice clients in police stations by way of video link or telephone although our preference is to be there in person alongside anybody being held in custody.

The Crown Court are asking that most cases be dealt with by video link. We are happy to oblige providing that we can have a conference with our clients prior to the court appearance. Where someone is having to attend the court in person we will always aim to be at court with them to deal with any issues which may arise.

In the Magistrates Court the courts preference seems to change from day to day. Sometimes they want people to attend in person, sometimes they want them to appear by video link. Our flexible magistrates court teams will have people available to advice and represent anyone either in person before the court or by video link if it seems more appropriate.

After nine months of getting too grips with all of the demands that the pandemic has brought we feel well placed to say that we can offer an unparalleled service to all present and future clients.

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