Looking Back On International Womans Day

A short series of profiles of women at all levels within the firm appeared on the Johnsons Partnerships LinkedIn Page on Monday the 8th March.

As a firm with a higher percentage of women among our partners, solicitors and fee earners than almost of our competitors. we were delighted to flag up the way in which people have been welcomed into the firm and exploited the opportunities available

Ever since the firms creation in 1990 we have sought to be an equal opportunity employer for men and women for individuals from any and all ethic backgrounds, for those with a disability, for those with any sought of sexual orientation as well as those who don't identify and as years have gone by we have expanded our range of protected characteristics to guard against potential discrimination in a growing number of fields.

If you are looking for a home and you've come across either open discrimination or an uncomfortable or uneasy atmosphere elsewhere, feel free to check out the Johnson Partnership, either as a potential employer or a potential form of legal advice.

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